Truck And Semi-Truck Accident Laws In South Florida Have Various Guidelines That Must Be Followed

The highways in Florida are filled with a lot of drivers from out of state who are on vacation and other drivers who are speeding to work while they’re talking or texting on the cell phone. In addition to the congested highways, drivers are often distracted by texts or talking on their cell phone. Truck drivers are often in a hurry to get to their next destination with a limited amount of sleep or poor truck maintenance. Truck and Semi-Truck Accident Laws in South Florida have various guidelines that must be followed or a driver could be charged with a felony in addition to the damages they caused during the accident.

What Should Happen Immediately Following An Accident?

Basic information should be exchanged between the drivers, including their name, address, telephone number, and insurance information. The law requires a driver to provide reasonable assistance to anyone who is injured in the accident. If an individual is unable to provide their information due to their injuries, the other party must immediately report the accident to the nearest law enforcement office.

What Can Happen If Someone Fails To Offer Assistance Or Call The Police?

If a driver does not offer the assistance to an injured individual in an accident, they could be charged with a third-degree felony. If there are serious injuries involved and an individual leaves the scene of the accident, they could be charged with a second-degree felony. A conviction of a felony will remain on the individual’s criminal record for the rest of their life.


After any type of commercial vehicle accident, law enforcement is required to provide a written crash report to the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles or any accident that involves the death of an individual. Even if an individual isn’t injured in a commercial truck accident, law enforcement will still have to submit a written report and should be contacted immediately.

When an individual has been involved in a tractor trailer or semi-truck accident, they should contact the police immediately. If an individual has been injured or their injuries resulted in their death, a personal injury lawyer should be contacted as soon as possible.…

New Business Case Studies Blog: A Look at the Current State of Groupon and Delivery

There are more delivery options available than ever before. This has created a huge opportunity for insurance companies, small businesses, and aspiring business leaders to jump in on the game of delivery. But, how will it shake out? Who else is involved that could muddy the picture, for better or worse?

This Business Case Studies Blog will look at Groupon. Groupon is a discount service that offers small and large businesses alike an opportunity to offer discounts. Users purchase the deals on Groupon. From there, the company who had the discount takes over. Groupon only offers the code on their large platform.

Virtually any company can offer a deal on Groupon. Groupon displays it, but their overt responsibility ends there. Yes, Groupon has been shown to mediate arrangements, offer refunds, and general customer service. But, they are certainly the middle-men of the deal.

The result of this arrangement could be disastrous for a delivery driver. Yes, physical goods ordered at a discount from Groupon need to be physically delivered somehow. Groupon doesn’t ship. Any shipping would have to be accomplished by the company once again. Delivery drivers do not usually work for Groupon. They work for the company who offered the discount. The delivery drivers will deliver the goods as requested, but they are still somewhere under the Groupon banner. Who is at fault if an accident occurs in their motorcycle or vehicle while on a delivery? Groupon may take no fault. So, what it the small company refuses any responsibility because of either A) their own ignorance or lack of insurance or B) it was a Groupon deal.

The arrangement leaves a driver up a creek and towards a waterfall. Groupon has a fantastic service, but there are a lot of variables at play. A lawyer would recommend taking a serious look at the larger scope of the situation. The driver may be making the least amount in this deal, but they are vulnerable to the most damage. It may be worth revisiting Groupon and their delivery system to see if it can hold up from the submission of the deal to the delivery of the product.…

How to Find Cheap Bankruptcy Attorneys

Many Americans life their lives with a lot of debt hanging over their heads. Often, they live paycheck to paycheck trying to keep this debt under control. One emergency or unexpected bill can cause everything to fall apart. Before long, debt can become a mountain that can cause undue pressure and stress on the debtor. In addition, this debt can cause difficulties in various aspects of life. It can limit a person’s ability to find work or even a rental home.

Is bankruptcy an option?

For many, applying for bankruptcy may feel like admitting failure. However, it can be a necessary help for those suffering from the effects of debt. Filing for bankruptcy can give a person the opportunity to rectify or eliminate much of their debt. It can provide an option to begin again without the stress of living from paycheck to paycheck. Although bankruptcy can have poor effects on credit, it can make it easier to rebuild credit.

Finding a bankruptcy attorney

The main issue with filing for bankruptcy is the cost of an attorney. For many suffering from debt, the cost of attorney can be impossible. Finding Cheap bankruptcy attorneys is necessary for many of those forced to file bankruptcy. For many areas, there are set guidelines and limits for attorney fees. The best method for finding the cheapest attorney is to shop around and find the one that sticks closest to the guidelines for these fees.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

A chapter 13 bankruptcy is the type of bankruptcy where debt is restructured. An attorney will help determine all debts a person will have. They will then work with the debtor to determine a repayment plan that the debtor can afford. This plan is then approved through the court system to help pay off debt in a manor the debtor can afford. The costs for an attorney for this type of bankruptcy is usually between $2500 and $5500.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

This type of bankruptcy is often for those unable to repay their debt. In this type of bankruptcy, an attorney will assist in liquidating certain types of property, if owned, to pay back debt. Any remaining debt is often discharged. Attorney fees for this type of bankruptcy usually fall between $1000 and $2500. An attorney can help get through these complicated processes, however, they are not necessary for filing bankruptcy. …

Cheap Bankruptcy Attorneys Help Clients in Serious Financial Trouble Get a Fresh Start

Many people decide it’s finally time to file for bankruptcy but they are so broke that they figure they can’t afford an attorney. They keep delaying and dealing with harassment from creditors, constantly feeling anxious about their situation and scared of getting sued. Cheap bankruptcy attorneys are available to help these individuals get a fresh start. Those compassionate lawyers want people in dire financial straits to contact them for a free consultation.

Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

Individuals who are deep in debt and have no reasonable way to pay off those obligations over the next several years probably will be looking at the option of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Chapter 13 sets up a payment arrangement that allows up to five years, but the default rate is relatively high. Many people start out determined to make this program work, but their budget is spread too thin.

Reasons to Hire a Lawyer

Filing a petition for Chapter 7 online is allowed, but the documentation is complex and may feel overwhelming to most people. It requires a complete list of all assets as well as all creditors and the amounts owed to each one. Any mistakes can delay the acceptance. In addition, there are requirements for completing credit and personal finance management counseling. The petitioner also benefits from having professional legal representation in court.


Hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can be more affordable than most people would think. Many accept payment arrangements suited to the client’s budget. Some ask for a very low initial payment so they can get the process started quickly. As soon as the documentation is filed, all creditors are prohibited by law from contacting the petitioner.

Finding a Lawyer

The individual might ask friends, relatives or acquaintances who have filed for bankruptcy in the past several years if they have any recommendations. Anyone who has been in the home foreclosure process also may be a good resource, since lawyers representing distressed homeowners in that realm commonly also handle bankruptcy cases. With the economy having had such a negative impact on so many U.S. residents over the past 10 years, it is no longer difficult to find people who have been through these trying experiences.…

Contact a Lawyer Like Aric Cramer to Help With an Arrest to Avoid Losing Your Career

When a person is arrested, one concern they might have is that a conviction can mean it’s impossible for them to work in their field anymore. Whether they made a mistake, didn’t think something through completely, or did something they knew was not a good idea, whatever they did could mean they need to find a new career if they’re convicted.

Careers Take Time to Start

A person doesn’t just jump into a well-paying career. It takes quite a bit of time to receive the proper training and experience for them to be in the field they love and in a position they enjoy. It can also take a significant amount of money for them to get where they want to be, especially if their career requires a college degree.

One Arrest Could Ruin What They’ve Worked For

Many times, a single arrest could mean the person can no longer work in their chosen field. If they’re convicted, they might have to start over again and work on a non-related career that their criminal history won’t have an impact on. This means starting at the bottom again, working toward gaining the education and experience they need to start making more money. Some people, unfortunately, cannot do this and cannot recover everything they lost due to their arrest.

A Lawyer Can Help Minimize the Chance of a Conviction

Whether a crime from years ago has just come to light or it’s something recent the person has done, a lawyer is going to be able to help. The person will want to make sure they contact a lawyer quickly so the lawyer can thoroughly review their case and find out what can be done. The lawyer will make sure their client has as much of a chance as possible to avoid a conviction no matter what the crime was.

If you’ve done something that has led to your arrest, don’t let it put your livelihood in danger. Make sure you contact a lawyer to ensure you have the help you need to avoid a conviction if possible and minimize the impact it has on your life if you are convicted. Visit Aric Cramer online or contact his office today to get the help you need. …

How the Career of Sylvain Vincent Reflects a Broad Strain of Canadian Leadership

While talk about independence for Quebec has ranged in seriousness and intensity over the years, there has never been any denying that the province has a unique character of its own. That partly stems, of course, from the fact that French, not English, is the most widely spoken language within its borders, but this really only tells part of the story. Quebec’s distinctiveness runs a great deal deeper than that, with a fundamentally different outlook on life prevailing in the minds of many residents. At the same time, Quebec is also a place where many familiar features crop up again and again. Business leaders throughout the province, for example, often stand close to their peers in other parts of Canada in terms of their backgrounds and accomplishments.

A look at the career of Sylvain Vincent might make this clear. After graduating from Montreal’s well-known HEC business school with an undergraduate degree in accounting, he set off on the kind of path pursued by so many others with similar qualifications. Just about every young accountant seeks on-the-ground experience to combine with the training needed to become a CPA, and Vincent was no different. A plum position with highly regarded Ernst & Young carried him a long way, with a number of impressive accomplishments culminating in his naming as director for the Quebec bureau of the global firm.

Along the way, Vincent found plenty of other opportunities to become involved as a leader, founding and taking charge of various charitable groups. Just as a great many others do in different parts of Canada, he also threw his hat in with his city’s Chamber of Commerce, finding the work done by the organization to be too invaluable to go without his support.

Since then, he has branched out further, taking positions on a number of different boards and offering up his accounting and auditing expertise to a variety of worthy groups in the area. That kind of activity-filled career might be overwhelming for some, but in its basic outlines it closely resembles the trajectories of many other high-flying achievers in different Canadian provinces. While Quebec sometimes seems to stand out almost entirely, it also often turns out to be more familiar in significant respects than some Anglophones might suppose.…

Getting In Contact With A Legal Representative Quickly Might Help You Acquire Compensation

When somebody is actually significantly wounded due to neglect, they are likely entitled to compensation for their own injuries. The insurance provider engaged, yet, will try to offer them the smallest settlement amount feasible. Rather than taking a quantity that’s lower than exactly what they will have to have to fiscally recover from the incident, the person may desire to make contact with a lawyer for assistance.

The individual ought to go ahead and contact an attorney as rapidly as possible after the incident. This should actually be carried out before they’ll speak with the insurance company since they won’t wish to say nearly anything that could damage their possibility of being able to collect a settlement. The lawyer is going to take over for them and will handle the insurer while an individual focuses primarily on recovering from their own injuries. The attorney will establish the full quantity of compensation the individual really should obtain as well as can work hard to be able to make sure they be given the money they will require to fiscally overcome the incident.

If you’ve been significantly injured in an event that was not your wrong doing, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. An attorney just like Benedict Morelli is going to be in the position to help you to acquire the total amount of compensation you are going to need. Speak to them now to be able to learn far more about exactly how they can aid you.…