Precisely What The Insurance Carrier Offers Is Not The Only Possibility

Typically, those who are wounded as a result of negligence are going to be proposed a settlement by the liable person’s insurer. In many instances, the insurer will try to provide the lowest amount they believe the individual may accept. If the person accepts this sum, they may see it is not sufficient in order to cope with all the expenditures from their own injury, but they won’t be able to obtain more at this stage.

As opposed to agreeing to the settlement offer, it is a good suggestion for an individual to speak to a legal representative for help. The legal professional can review the incident and the settlement offer in order to see if it’s going to be satisfactory. In case it is not likely to be satisfactory, the legal professional can make an effort to negotiate an increased settlement for their particular consumer. This way, they can make certain a person gets the full amount of cash they will need to have to economically overcome their particular injuries. They can, as needed, take the case to court to make certain the individual will get ample funds in order to handle the costs from the event.

If you were injured and also think the insurance company just isn’t supplying a complete settlement, make sure to visit the web site for Benedict Morelli of Morelli Law Firm today. Find out far more concerning your options to receive a larger settlement for your injuries.…

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Delivery Drivers and Your Business: Insurance Insights You Need to Know Before an Accident Happens

In today’s fast-paced world, customers expect quick delivery of products to their homes or places of business. Therefore, restaurants are turning to product delivery as a way to make extra sales. When deliveries are done in company vehicles, commercial auto policies provide the liability coverage the business requires. However, things are different when employees use their personal vehicles for business purposes. Here, owners and managers can learn more on Delivery Drivers and Your Business: Insurance Insights You Need to Know Before an Accident Happens.

Do Personal Policies Cover Business Liability?

Most personal insurance policies have restrictions or exclusions for the business use of a personal vehicle. Some policies may exclude liability outright, while others offer a reduced limit. In some cases, restrictions are specific to the use of a personal vehicle for deliveries.

When Employees Use Personal Vehicles to Deliver Products

If a restaurant owner relies on drivers’ personal auto policies as a primary means of means of protection, they should require every driver to carry a reasonable limit. It’s also a good idea to ask drivers to ensure that they’re covered with a business use endorsement.

Does the Company Still Need Insurance if the Employee Already Has Coverage?

While instituting the above requirements can help protect a business owner from loss, they’re still exposed. Legal doctrines hold employers responsible for damages workers cause during the course of their employment. Here, non-owned liability insurance can protect a business in cases where the employee’s coverage falls short.

How to Reduce Risk

Because deliveries present a significant risk to a business, it’s important to choose drivers carefully by following these tips.

  • Only hire drivers 21 and over who have been licensed for three years or more

  • Obtain each driver’s motor vehicle record before employment and checking it periodically

  • Manage deliveries so drivers aren’t rushed

  • Monitor drivers’ behavior

  • Require drivers to take defensive driver training

If a company owner doesn’t take steps to monitor and screen drivers, it can increase liability and the chances of a loss.

Get the Right Protection

Talk to an insurance agent about the company’s exposure so the owner can get the right protection for their business. It’s also a good idea to talk to the agent about ways to mitigate risks and reduce the chances of a loss.…

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What Steps Should Victims Take When Pursuing a Florida Auto Accident Settlement?

Facing the aftermath of an auto accident can be stressful for victims who simply want to be able to receive a fair settlement amount with the frustration. When a person has become the victim of a serious auto accident, there are certain steps they will need to take to make sure they receive a fair Florida Auto Accident Settlement. Taking these steps will help to protect the victim’s rights and help them to avoid the obstacles that could stand in the way of them being able to receive a fair amount.

  • The first thing an injured victim needs to do is to make sure they contact the police. A police report needs to be filed to help a victim substantiate liability. The police must be called to the scene whenever serious injuries or damages occur so a proper police report can be filed. The victim has the right to pick up a copy of this report to use for their records.
  • Injured victims need to document their injuries as much as possible. Pictures, videos, and extensive notes on medical appointments can help an injured victim provide proof of their injuries. This information can be submitted to court, should a lawsuit be pursued.
  • Injured victims should never attempt to speak with the insurance company or sign any documents without meeting with a lawyer. A lawyer can help prepare a victim for the process and help them avoid issues that could arise and cause their claim to be denied.
  • Hiring a lawyer is wise for those who have serious injuries that have required major medical intervention. While a simple accident can easily be settled, serious injuries often require the intervention of a lawyer so a person does not end up losing out on medical payments and other points of settlement.

Those who have been injured in serious auto accidents that were not their fault are urged to follow these steps and reach out to a lawyer as soon as possible. Waiting too long will only lead to problems in being able to pursue compensation. Call today and you can schedule your consultation appointment to get started. …

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How To Fight A Conviction With A DUI Attorney In Tulsa, Okla

In Oklahoma, the state applies strict penalties against any drunk driver that is convicted of a DUI charge. The charges indicate that the driver possessed a blood-alcohol content reading of at least 0.08 percent. A DUI attorney in Tulsa Okla provides these drivers with opportunities to fight a conviction and these hefty penalties.

Additional Blood Samples

The criminal defendant should request an additional blood sample from the correctional officers. This additional sample is provided to the defendant’s attorney for testing to determine if the defendant was over the legal limit and if they had any controlled substances in their system. The additional test can be used to prove the officer’s test results were inaccurate.

Initiating Miranda Rights

The criminal defendant has civil rights referred to as Miranda Rights, and these rights entitle the defendant to legal counsel as soon as they are arrested. By initiating these rights, the defendant can refuse chemical testing until their attorney is present, and they can lower their chances of facing a conviction. However, they must submit to testing, or they can face penalties for refusing to submit, and the state can impose penalties against them.

Mistake of Fact

To charge a driver with a DUI, the driver must be driving the vehicle, and the vehicle must be in motion. The officer cannot charge a driver for the charge simply because they were sitting behind the wheel of a parked automobile. If the vehicle wasn’t in motion, the attorney could use a mistake of fact defense to stop a conviction.

Faulty Testing Equipment

Breathalyzer tests must be maintained by the law enforcement agency, and they must create a log of servicing and repairs. The officers must conduct the tests according to the manufacturer’s instructions, and they must determine if the equipment works properly. If the device wasn’t tested or maintained, the attorney could use a defense based on faulty testing equipment.

In Oklahoma, the state prosecutes drunk drivers according to the blood-alcohol content reading obtained during the arrest. The driver must follow local traffic laws to prevent these charges; however, a defense attorney can build a defense for those accused of the crime. Defendants who are facing these charges contact an attorney right now. …

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Starting A Dog Attack Case With Midtown Injury Attorneys

In Oklahoma, dog owners are liable for injuries when their dog attacks a visitor or service provider. For this reason, the state enforces leash laws and requires dog owners to maintain control over their animals at all times.

The pet owner must also follow all laws related to preventing the transmission of the rabies virus as well. An injury attorney helps victims after these unfortunate events occur.

Reviewing State Statutes

According to Section 4-42.1 of the Oklahoma state statute, the pet owner is responsible if their animal injuries the victim. However, the stipulations of the statue require two factors to apply to the case.

The victim must have a lawful reason for being inside or outside the property, and they cannot provoke the animal. Any instance of trespassing, unlawful entry, animal abuse, or animal cruelty forfeits the victim’s rights to any form of compensation.

Vaccination Laws for Dogs

All dogs must be vaccinated for rabies under state laws. The intervals in which the vaccines are required are identified by each county. However, in most cases, the vaccines are required each year to lower the chances of infection. Any pet owner who fails to follow these laws is liable if their dog becomes infected with the virus and attacks.

Strict Liability Laws

Strict liability laws apply when the dog was involved in other reported attacks. When the attack is reported to animal control, the officer will conduct a search to determine if the dog was reported previously. If the dog has an existing record, the pet owners are immediately liable for all medical expenses for the victim and must provide compensation based on pain and suffering.

Requirements of Animal Control

The first task for the animal control officer is to determine if the dog is a threat to the public. Any unvaccinated dogs must be surrendered to a licensed vet for a quarantine period for twelve days. If the dog is deemed a risk, the animal control officer takes custody of the dog, and the dog is euthanized.

In Oklahoma, dog owners must mitigate common risks associated with owning a dog. The risks involve allowing visitors onto or inside their property and failing to prevent possible injuries related to a dog attack. Victims of these events contact Midtown Tulsa Injury Attorneys to start a claim today.…

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New Business Case Studies Blog: A Look at the Current State of Groupon and Delivery

There are more delivery options available than ever before. This has created a huge opportunity for insurance companies, small businesses, and aspiring business leaders to jump in on the game of delivery. But, how will it shake out? Who else is involved that could muddy the picture, for better or worse?

This Business Case Studies Blog will look at Groupon. Groupon is a discount service that offers small and large businesses alike an opportunity to offer discounts. Users purchase the deals on Groupon. From there, the company who had the discount takes over. Groupon only offers the code on their large platform.

Virtually any company can offer a deal on Groupon. Groupon displays it, but their overt responsibility ends there. Yes, Groupon has been shown to mediate arrangements, offer refunds, and general customer service. But, they are certainly the middle-men of the deal.

The result of this arrangement could be disastrous for a delivery driver. Yes, physical goods ordered at a discount from Groupon need to be physically delivered somehow. Groupon doesn’t ship. Any shipping would have to be accomplished by the company once again. Delivery drivers do not usually work for Groupon. They work for the company who offered the discount. The delivery drivers will deliver the goods as requested, but they are still somewhere under the Groupon banner. Who is at fault if an accident occurs in their motorcycle or vehicle while on a delivery? Groupon may take no fault. So, what it the small company refuses any responsibility because of either A) their own ignorance or lack of insurance or B) it was a Groupon deal.

The arrangement leaves a driver up a creek and towards a waterfall. Groupon has a fantastic service, but there are a lot of variables at play. A lawyer would recommend taking a serious look at the larger scope of the situation. The driver may be making the least amount in this deal, but they are vulnerable to the most damage. It may be worth revisiting Groupon and their delivery system to see if it can hold up from the submission of the deal to the delivery of the product.…

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How to Find Cheap Bankruptcy Attorneys

Many Americans life their lives with a lot of debt hanging over their heads. Often, they live paycheck to paycheck trying to keep this debt under control. One emergency or unexpected bill can cause everything to fall apart. Before long, debt can become a mountain that can cause undue pressure and stress on the debtor. In addition, this debt can cause difficulties in various aspects of life. It can limit a person’s ability to find work or even a rental home.

Is bankruptcy an option?

For many, applying for bankruptcy may feel like admitting failure. However, it can be a necessary help for those suffering from the effects of debt. Filing for bankruptcy can give a person the opportunity to rectify or eliminate much of their debt. It can provide an option to begin again without the stress of living from paycheck to paycheck. Although bankruptcy can have poor effects on credit, it can make it easier to rebuild credit.

Finding a bankruptcy attorney

The main issue with filing for bankruptcy is the cost of an attorney. For many suffering from debt, the cost of attorney can be impossible. Finding Cheap bankruptcy attorneys is necessary for many of those forced to file bankruptcy. For many areas, there are set guidelines and limits for attorney fees. The best method for finding the cheapest attorney is to shop around and find the one that sticks closest to the guidelines for these fees.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy

A chapter 13 bankruptcy is the type of bankruptcy where debt is restructured. An attorney will help determine all debts a person will have. They will then work with the debtor to determine a repayment plan that the debtor can afford. This plan is then approved through the court system to help pay off debt in a manor the debtor can afford. The costs for an attorney for this type of bankruptcy is usually between $2500 and $5500.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy

This type of bankruptcy is often for those unable to repay their debt. In this type of bankruptcy, an attorney will assist in liquidating certain types of property, if owned, to pay back debt. Any remaining debt is often discharged. Attorney fees for this type of bankruptcy usually fall between $1000 and $2500. An attorney can help get through these complicated processes, however, they are not necessary for filing bankruptcy. …

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