New Business Case Studies Blog: A Look at the Current State of Groupon and Delivery


There are more delivery options available than ever before. This has created a huge opportunity for insurance companies, small businesses, and aspiring business leaders to jump in on the game of delivery. But, how will it shake out? Who else is involved that could muddy the picture, for better or worse?

This Business Case Studies Blog will look at Groupon. Groupon is a discount service that offers small and large businesses alike an opportunity to offer discounts. Users purchase the deals on Groupon. From there, the company who had the discount takes over. Groupon only offers the code on their large platform.

Virtually any company can offer a deal on Groupon. Groupon displays it, but their overt responsibility ends there. Yes, Groupon has been shown to mediate arrangements, offer refunds, and general customer service. But, they are certainly the middle-men of the deal.

The result of this arrangement could be disastrous for a delivery driver. Yes, physical goods ordered at a discount from Groupon need to be physically delivered somehow. Groupon doesn’t ship. Any shipping would have to be accomplished by the company once again. Delivery drivers do not usually work for Groupon. They work for the company who offered the discount. The delivery drivers will deliver the goods as requested, but they are still somewhere under the Groupon banner. Who is at fault if an accident occurs in their motorcycle or vehicle while on a delivery? Groupon may take no fault. So, what it the small company refuses any responsibility because of either A) their own ignorance or lack of insurance or B) it was a Groupon deal.

The arrangement leaves a driver up a creek and towards a waterfall. Groupon has a fantastic service, but there are a lot of variables at play. A lawyer would recommend taking a serious look at the larger scope of the situation. The driver may be making the least amount in this deal, but they are vulnerable to the most damage. It may be worth revisiting Groupon and their delivery system to see if it can hold up from the submission of the deal to the delivery of the product.