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Some Tips on Maintaining a Greener Lawn Do you want your lawn to be as green as possible? Summertime make people care for their lawns above all other seasons. What needs to be done in order to keep your lawn in a bright and healthy condition? When you see a healthy green lawn, what comes to your mind? Nutrients make lawns healthy.
The Best Advice About Services I’ve Ever Written
If you want your lawn to be as green as possible, you must begin to care for your lawn. A much greener lawn can only result with proper mowing, ample aeration, and timely watering.
The Best Advice About Services I’ve Ever Written
Why is the grass on your lawn not as green as you have expected it to be? It might be because of all the traffic going on around your lawn. Traffic is one major factor affecting the color and appearance of your lawn. When people step on your lawn, the aeration around the grass gets choked. It is not good for grass to lack oxygen. How to solve this is by aerating your lawn. Soil that has been made compact is easily noticeable because they often appear flat. In this case, you need to aerate your lawn. Best results in aerating your lawn is achieved during springtime or fall. It is a no-no to do aerating during summer. The lack of sunlight reaching the grass caused by tree shadows may be another reason why your lawn is not greener. If your lawn does not receive enough sunlight, the grass will have a hard time becoming brightly green. Any branch that casts a shadow on the lawn needs to be trimmed so they will no longer block the sunlight. Make sure that your lawn is clear of excess thatch and debris, as these hamper the health and growth of the grass. It is important to rake the lawn regularly and keep thatch not more than half an inch long. Raking help the soil to absorb more air. It also helps in the distribution of nutrients on the soil and the grass. You need to know when the proper time to maw your lawn is for greenest results. If you aren’t sure how tall the grass should be mowed, just follow this rule of thumb. For grasses that are coarser, an inch can be kept; for finer grasses, half an inch. Cut the grass at just the right length for your lawn to maintain its greener look. Water is probably the most important ingredient in making your lawn look great. Best practice is watering the lawn very early in the morning before the sun is up. This ensures that the water will be absorbed by the soil instead of be evaporated by the heat of the sun. Make sure the grass is watered evenly on all areas. Lawn care will definitely reward you with a greener and better looking yard.