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Testosterone and Muscle

There is only one ingredient needed to build stronger muscles – testosterone. The growth of your muscles is enhanced by testosterone. Increase in muscle mass is directly proportional to the level of testosterone. There are safe ways to pump up your testosterone level. Even if you want great results at the gym, you don’t have to turn to steroids. You have other safer options available to you. One of the ways to increase testosterone is by supplementation. Follow the few suggestions below to boost your testosterone level.

Steak Out

Most minerals that boost testosterone is found in red meat. Eating steaks on a regular basis help you maintain your testosterone level.
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What to Eat Before/After Workout
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Eat high protein foods before sweating it out in the gym. It is beneficial to have a protein rich meal before a workout, and a healthy and refreshing smoothie after.

It is vital to have nutritious food and drinks, before you go to the gym and after your workout. Your protein intake before working out will help you get better results. A 16 oz. glass of protein shake is enough to support your needs. Your energy level will be sustained by this simple step. 20 minutes before training would be ample time for you to consume your protein shake.

Squats and Deadlifts

Two important routines you need to do regularly: Squats and deadlift. They exercise the whole body. Professional body builders know that squats work out your whole body.

Your testosterone level is affected by the big muscle group comprising your legs. When your legs are working out, the testosterone boost spreads throughout your entire body. When doing squats, you will observe that your arms are also growing in size.

The same is true when doing deadlifts.

Intensive routines such as squats and deadlifts bring growth to other parts of the body as well.


An enhanced testosterone level should be complemented by a varied program. You need to strike the balance between exercise and a healthy lifestyle if you want to see great results. So also with the use of supplements.

The testosterone boosters you buy in the market will do you no good if you do not eat healthy and exercise regularly. Commercial supplements are not a substitute for training hard and living healthy.

Level Up

Testosterone boosters have become popular in recent times because of commercially available supplements. Blocking the conversion of testosterone into estrogen is one important function of commercial supplements. This way your testosterone level is sustained naturally.

Plant-Based Boosters

Some plant-based supplements help you sustain your testosterone level, and increase your libido. It works primarily to improve your strength and maintain strong muscles.

Keep your focus on building muscle strength by increasing your testosterone production. Natural testosterone boosters will improve the way your body builds up testosterone.