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Different Types of Door Locks The reason why we put locks in our homes is for our very own safety. Today, locks are still the one thing that families buy to secure their homes more than any other security device. Families just want to protect their homes from robbers and this is why they put secure locks in their doors. In the marketplace today, you can find many different types of locks being sold. Some door locks can only be used on the inside of a home. Metal or plastic keys are used on some locks. With different types of houses, different types of door locks are used. Most hotels are already using cards are keys. The card keys rare given to hotel guests when they check in the hotel. This type of key or card key is programmed to be used only during the stay of that particular guest. Card keys are used mostly in public places so that when a key card is misplaced, there is still an orderly procedure to follow. You don’t need to use a key card for your home. There are regular locks which is the most common and the simplest type of door locks. This simple type of door lock can only be opened and closed from the inside. This type of lock does not need keys. Thus, you can’t come in when it is locked. It is quite useless to have this lock if everyone goes out of the house. This is the same with the chain lock. It is not necessary to put a hole in the wall because it uses a chain instead. It is sometime combined with a bolt lock to add to safety. There is not much security with simply a chain lock.
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Hole to hole lock which is used with padlocks is another type of lock. With this lock, you put a hole in the wall and in the door. There is oftentimes a metal piece attached to the door for it to have a hole that will look the same as the hole in the wall. In order to secure the lock, a padlock is inserted in both holes. However, a padlock can also easily be destroyed by thieves.
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There is another type of lock which is the deadbolt lock. Hotels also use deadbolt locks in their rooms. Deadbolt locks can be used with different types of keys. This type of lock can have keys made of metal, plastic, or digital keys. You can have a single cylinder deadbolt lock, or one that has two cylinders. Opening the lock with a key from the outside is possible for the first type of deadbolt lock. But the double cylinder lock can be opened by the key from both inside and out.