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The Basics of Lean Warehousing

The Basics of Lean Warehousing

This is the way most people look at warehouses: A truck pulls up to the dock and someone unloads product and puts it away in racks. Somebody else comes along, grabs some product, puts it on a pallet and puts it on another truck.

For those who have spent time in the warehousing industry, the process of warehouse storage is much more complex. One must have the ability to track the location of every single piece of product located throughout the facility. When a small warehouse can take up to 75,000 square feet and hold hundreds of thousands of individual pieces of hundreds, even thousands of different products, it becomes clear that maintaining a warehouse becomes a daunting task.

So how does a warehouse manager and his staff keep up with all of the products coming in and going out?

Two small phrases have revolutionized today’s storage issues: Lean manufacturing and lean storage. “Lean” is built on the concept of eliminating waste by minimizing inventory and eliminating processes that do not add value to the customer. In warehousing, this means whatever product comes in is shipped back out – whether internally or externally – within a few days. Some companies use the phrase “Just In Time Stocking” to describe this method. Using “lean” techniques requires less storage area, but requires a far greater utilization of logistics and a dedicated workforce who understands the importance of accuracy and quality.

Unlike traditional warehousing, the lean method requires more organization and a greater focus on the processes to eliminate non-essential activities,tasks and materials. When the product comes in, it must be quickly sorted, checked in, and accurately placed on shelves, racks, and sometimes even in floor locations. Accuracy is key as when the employee picking an order comes along, there can be no time wasted looking for misplaced product. Lean warehousing requires less space because there is minimal storage stock. Instead of keeping a month’s supply in the racks, only a week’s supply is kept on hand.

Likewise, warehousing logistics come into play. Every warehouse has some products that move faster than others. These faster moving products need to be organized in such a way as to minimize errors. They must also be located as close to the shipping department as possible to minimize “travel time” when picking. Think of it this way: The receiving department may put away one crate of 100 parts. The shipping department may have to make a hundred trips to that crate to empty it. Thus, in regards to man-hours, it makes sense to locate it closer to the shipping department than the receiving department.

The whole concept of “lean” is to do as much as possible with as little as possible: less space, less equipment, and fewer workers. Through all phases of lean, this requires organization, efficiency, and a dedicated and well-trained workforce to make it happen.…

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Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Products

Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing Products

PCB manufacturing or printed circuit board manufacturing products have been hot favorite of every sector because of a number of reasons. This is because they are used for a support in terms of mechanic as well as electrically connect electronic components by using the tracks, traces etches and pathways from copper sheets. Most of the people also call them by the name of PWB or printed wiring board as well as etched wiring board.

They are cheap, but very reliable and unique products that have become the essential requirement of high-volume production units for uninterrupted flow of energy. As far as the manufacturing process and PC manufacturing process is concerned, it is just more than making or creating new PCB. No doubt, it is entirely difficult and complex series of work and operations that need much experience and skills. Talking about the PC board manufacturing products processing, it starts when the files as well as specifications are sent to Triangle Circuits.

Right from patterning to etching, photoengraving, lamination, silk screen, testing to a number of other process, the entire process of manufacturing as well as PC manufacturing requires presence of mind and expert hands of skilled engineers. It is a fact that many printed circuit boards are manufactured of many layers; while others are of single layers. This is the main reason that lamination process is vital. With the growing demand of PCB, circuit board and printed circuit, numerous new names have come in the market as leading printed circuit board manufacturers.

These manufacturers in order to provide PC board manufacturing products, leave no stone unturned and use all the innovative and highly advanced technologies. What technologies would be convenient and perfect in circuit board manufacturing as well as printed circuit manufacturing, they are well aware with this. It is a well known fact that printed circuit boards have become the essential requirement of not only electrical industry, but also of all the sectors that require energy in any form to run electrical equipments.…

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Getting The Best Out Of Solar Panels

Getting The Best Out Of Solar Panels

Buying the best product would not do you any good if you do not know how to use it. Same goes for the purchasing of solar panels. People are thronging to the vendors of these sun-powered panels to get the best options to use these solar panels to lessen the costs of their various bills, be it electricity or heating or anything else. The usage of these panels is becoming more creative where people are using it to run their cars, mow their lawns, charge their laptops and cell phones and what not! But the few things that should be kept in mind while shopping for solar panels and once you are done shopping then using it, are very important.

First of all, various panels are being use to manufacture solar panels. The best amongst them is the photovoltaic panels. The reasons are many but the main ones are its durability and robustness. And also, those photovoltaic panels are, in general, denser and thicker. These when combined together increase the efficiency of a panel which is what you need to generate enough electricity for your whole house.

But it does not end here. Even if you have bought the most durable panel, it would not help you out in generating maximum electricity if it is not positioned appropriately. The position of a solar panel also matters significantly. Normally it has to face the south, if you are living above the equator, and north if you live below it. Also, the location of these panels should be such that no hindrance comes between the sun rays and the panel. The location could be the roof of your house or the garden or any other place receiving the brightest sunlight during the day time. The last thing you should do to keep the panels efficient is to clean it at least once every season.…

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WASHINGTON, July 30 (Reuters) – The United States stated it shot down a medium-range target ballistic missile in its latest take a look at of the country’s THAAD missile defense program, which is designed to guard the country towards potential threats from nations reminiscent of North Korea and Iran.

China needs to construct one hundred panda-shaped solar energy crops. Clear traces and geometric shapes comprise most of Thirty3eleven’s stoneware on Instagram. Business Insider has additional locations in San Francisco and London. A passenger was forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight by legislation enforcement on Sunday after refusing to surrender his seat.…

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Merits of Lamination

Printed materials can easily get damaged due to wear and tear. Frequent handling and environmental conditions are factors that can inflict wear and tear on the materials. Laminating your printed materials is beneficial since your printed materials will have an enhanced durability level. Read on to learn more about the benefits of lamination.

Protection from Harsh Weather Conditions

Mishandling is not the only way to cause wear and tear to your printed materials. Harsh environmental conditions can also cause damage. Lamination will protect your printed materials from mold, grime, or moisture. In addition, lamination will protect your materials from dirt.

Cost and Time Effective

Compared to other methods of protecting printing materials, lamination is the most affordable option you can go for. Lamination takes a short time. Thus, it will not hinder you from undertaking other activities. Laminating will save you the cost of regular reprinting since it will enhance the durability level of your already printed materials.

Enhance an Aesthetic Appearance

Laminated materials appear more professional compared to non-laminated materials. A laminated mailer will attract more clients and eventually escalate your sales. Lamination is ideal for presenting vital materials such as sales presentation documents and product and sales sheets. A well-laminated material will make a great impression.

Enhanced Durability

Laminating ensures the reusability and safety of your printed materials. In addition, it will protect them from fingerprints, tears, scratches, spills, or other physical hazards that may cause damage. With this level of protection, there is an assurance that your printed materials will last for a long period.

Enhances Stability

With time, your unprotected printed material may tend to develop curves and bends, but with lamination, your printed material will always remain flat and will not develop any bends. Lamination also increases the paper’s stiffness and strength, enhancing your paper’s quality.

You should ensure you laminate your printed material well to enjoy maximum benefits. To save on the laminating costs, you can contemplate purchasing a laminating machine.…

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fitness is not just for health but for lifestyle. They are preoccupied with so much work and traffic jams. Their lifestyle becomes instant and fast-paced. Therefore, many people want a balance by trying a healthy lifestyle. Thus, fitness facilities such as fitness are in great demand by urban communities.

Although it seems that fitness does not require much preparation. You should not underestimate it. Having a capital does not mean a successful fitness effort. People who have less capital also have the same chances of success. There are several things to consider before opening this business. Prepare yourself before investing and then shocked by what you face.…