3 Careers You Can Learn Online

Looking for a career change without risking in-person training? Lucky for you there are a variety of jobs you can get trained for from the comfort of your couch. Here are just three of the exciting opportunities out there.


When you think of a firefighter you probably think about someone saves both lives and homes. These brave individuals are active members of their community, who help to build goodwill and support various neighborhood projects. With online firefighter training, you can be one of these upstanding individuals. Your course will train you in basic EMT skills, fire training and even how to investigate arson cases. Once certified, you can join your local team and start helping people right away.

Computer Programmer

Building your skillset in IT is an excellent way to open doors to high-income fields. Fortunately, there are literally hundreds of online coding schools to help you get a leg up in this field. Whether you want to get certified in Python, Java or even cloud development, there are courses available that work with your schedule. Before you decide, take the time to do your research on which field interests you the most to help you direct your studies.

Healthcare Worker

In light of Covid-19, jobs in healthcare are in higher demand than they ever have been before. If you are looking to get involved and help out, consider taking online courses in healthcare. To get your started consider what career track is right for you, whether you want to be in the hospital or helping in other areas. Then look at which jobs are available in your area and what certifications you will need to succeed. Finally, take the time to review which program fits your schedule best.

No matter what career path you take with the help of online courses you’re sure to succeed. Get started today!