An LCD Enclosure for Manufacturing Unit Security

An LCD enclosure is a necessary part of any plant data collection solution, as these defend the high-priced electronic devices from the dirt and grime allied with a factory.

One thing is for certain, if you have ever toured a manufacturing facility you will know that there is a large amount of filth, and this is why the data systems that are used on the shop floor are stored in computer enclosures; these safeguard them to Nema 4x and IP65, now with the development of technology, large format screens are being configured in factory environments to demonstrate company news, product data, and these need an LCD enclosure.

What is an LCD casing

These defensive monitor enclosures are created from mild steel and water proof to stop water ingress harming any of the equipment in the enclosure; the equipment can range from a PC, a large monitor or a small media player.

The LCD enclosure inside temperature is controlled employing a thermostatic cooling system and in extreme freezing conditions such as in chillers a heater is installed to combat any system failure. These can even be upgraded to incorporate air conditioning units.

What style of company would utilize these protective cases?

Why? Well modestly these organizations value the data the information equipment collects, and their clients can access their information system to check the status of their order, so they can see how far along the manufacturing stage the contract is at.

What is required to install these protecting PC and Television enclosures?

If there is a current information network in the manufacturing facility this can be used, otherwise there is a chance of a costly wiring deployment, but if you use an existing network the workstation and printer are placed into their respective casing and the large LCD enclosure for the plasma and LCD screens are fitted to a gantry or to a wall, these are wired to a computer and display the information for that manufacturing line.

Without any fortification the systems would surely fail in a very short period of time, due to the setting of the factory or even outdoor elements.

Now an outdoor solution can incorporate into a manufacturing facility system, by mixing the PC enclosure and the LCD casing for the ultimate in factory data system protection.