Brand Name Golf Clubs – What is Best For the Beginner?

Brand Name Golf Clubs – What is Best For the Beginner?

Choosing brand name golf clubs can be a mine field at the best of times let alone if you are a beginner to the game. The number of companies manufacturing golf clubs, and claiming that theirs is the best, today is mind boggling and they are all wanting to get their hands on the beginner’s hard earned cash and, as a newcomer to the world of golf you will want to try out many clubs to ascertain your level of play. Most, if not all the “big boys” offer the beginner an attractive incentive to persuade them to buy. It may be a special offer on a club that is adjustable, just to get you started or it may be a collection of clubs chosen for those of a certain skill level. One important point to mention is that never be tempted to buy clubs that are beyond your skill level thinking that you will grow into them because you will not.

Here are a few top brand names with details of what they have to offer the beginner:


Ping have some great offerings for the those new to the golfing world. They produce professional equipment and have been receiving rave reviews from golfing magazines. Amongst their rang for beginners are adjustable clubs and half sets. With either of these options, the beginner can make a bee line for the green safe in the knowledge that they should get a feel of the game. Starting this way will help in the decision in buying a first set of 14 clubs. Once this level is reached the player will know what club to use for what shot.


A very famous name in the golfing fraternity who’s professional golfing products are used globally. Not only do they cater for the professional, they also have put a lot of research and development in to golf club sets for beginners, it is said of these sets, “nearly as good as having ones own private tutor”. Digging deep into your pocket is the order of the day if you want to get the best. You could choose the pre owned or older model route, however, this may be false economy as you will not be benefiting from the latest high specs. on offer from the leading brands. If at all possible have a test drive before buying your clubs.


Renowned for their superb drivers is Cobra. There are those that prefer to get all their kit from one supplier, conversely there are those that become expert enough to have a mix, thus ensuring that the player gets the best each manufacturer has to offer. Drivers are always a sticking point with beginners as they can be a little difficult to get used to, however, Cobra drivers are recognized as being a little more understanding to the beginners needs. So if it is long and accurate shots you are after, as a beginner, you cannot go far wrong with a Cobra driver.

Remember that playing golf is meant to be fun so don’t get put off when shopping for your clubs. Go to as many stores as you can and enjoy chatting to the pros and sales staff about your new venture into the world of golf and at the same time have a feel of what is on offer.