Disc Printing – Learning the Basics

Disc Printing – Learning the Basics

After you’re done putting data on your blank CDs, you’ll now have to turn to another important part of disc manufacturing: disc printing. It’s important to look for ways to clearly label your CDs and DVDs, so the information or media you stored on them can be identified easily. Some people prefer to just use regular stick-on CD labels or write on them with a permanent marker, but if you’re in the CD manufacturing business, you’ll need to have the right equipment and disc packaging materials to make sure your CDs look appealing to your audiences.

Many small business owners prefer to do disc printing and duplication themselves, but the problem is they can take an excessive amount of time, and sometimes money. If not done properly, it can result in badly manufactured CDs. For this reason, many businesses go to disc manufacturing companies to help them make their DVD and CD printing appear professionals.

A disc printing company usually has a team of designers who use various design software to create the layout of the disc. If their customers have some design ideas for the disc, the designers will immediately notify them of what will work best with the shape and size of their disc. This will also include the CD or DVD packaging.

To understand how disc printing works, it’s very important to understand the different methods and to know which one will give you the best results for your needs. There are two popular examples of disc printing methods: screen printing and digital printing.

Screen printing has been used for a wide range of applications, such as t-shirt design printing and other textiles, but it’s also used for CDs and DVDs. Screen printing works by applying a thick layer of ink on a stencil, then scraping off the excess ink, and pushing the remaining ink through the small stencil holes, creating an image on the disc’s surface. It’s pretty simple, but it has disadvantages. For one, the fine details and lines can disappear.

Compared to screen disc printing, digital printing has more advantages. There’s no need for messy application of the inks and the image quality, such as photographs, will be as realistic as your original image. Because of its efficiency, it can save more money and time for the company and customers. CD printing becomes faster and the product is delivered to the customers earlier.

Before you settle for a disc printing company and printing methods, take a look around at your options. Do some research, ask for a quotation and read testimonials. You should also stick to a budget. Soon enough, you’ll settle for the company which will best fit your needs.