Hemp Diapers? Really?

Hemp Diapers? Really?

Among all the products you might have imagined fashioned from hemp, diapers probably never appeared even on imagination’s furthest horizon. Very carefully considered, however, development of hemp diapers arguably marks the greatest advance in diaper manufacturing since plastic disposables first appeared on the market. Hemp diapers may have the power to break the stalemate in the Great Diaper Debate.

Your skepticism about hemp diapers is perfectly natural.

It’s okay. You can admit it. When one of the soon-to-be Moms first brought-up hemp diapers in Lamaze class, you thought she was kidding. You took a long, critical look at her, assessing her fitness for motherhood. And when the Lamaze instructor indicated her support for these, you began questioning your own sobriety and sanity. Pondering the whole idea, you had to wonder who possibly could have conceived such a notion, and who could summon the wherewithal to bring hemp diapers from notion to fact to increasing market share?

The whole idea of hemp made diapers just makes you wonder. Diapers made either entirely of hemp or from a 60/40 mix with organic cotton? Really? Growing, harvesting, .and processing the hemp uses considerably less water, far less energy, and far fewer even vaguely dangerous chemicals than making diapers from cotton? Really? Acre-for-acre, hemp costs substantially less than growing cotton, and it does absolutely no damage to the soil? None? Really? When hemp graduates from “alternative” farm product to cash crop, the laws of supply and demand will drive down prices even further, making hemp by far more affordable than cotton? Really? Why did it take so long for people to put all these pieces together?

You really should consider the advantages of hemp diapers.

Traditional cloth diapers-cotton squares and cleverly fashioned disposables-cost the same, exact the same toll from Mother Earth, feel approximately the same to your baby, and place equal demands on your time and patience. No matter how you parse and decline the question of which is best, cloth diapers and disposables end in a tie; you end at an impasse, an irreconcilable dilemma. Hemp diapers, however, give you the outside-the-box alternative to traditional cloth diapers and the infinite variety of disposables. Hemp fibre diapers take you out of the crossfire in The Great Diaper Debate.