Ideal Size for Custom Plush Toys

Ideal Size for Custom Plush Toys

If you’re like most people, you probably chanced upon this page because you’re looking for stuffed toy ideas. Yes, it’s true. There are now a lot of people who are on the lookout for the next big thing in custom plush toys. It’s hard to blame you or them. They do look very attractive from a profitability standpoint. As a bonus, it’s very easy to come up with ideas. You just need to sit back with a pen and paper and the ideas will start flowing in.

But once you do have your ideas, there are a few things that you have to consider. Some people think that good stuffed toy ideas are the only thing that they need to be successful. This is true to some extent. Armed with custom plush toys that were taken from great ideas, you can earn a lot of money from them. However, why settle for good if you can go for something great? All you need to do is to find the best idea that you have and work on it to make the best even better.

For example, did you know that the size makes a lot of difference? If you really put some thought into the size of your toys, you can make them more attractive. This is why you should really plan the size. Here are some things that you have to consider:

Who is your target market?

Sure, you can just create custom plush toys for everyone. It’s not really a bad idea, per se. After all, kids and adults of all ages appreciate them. However, you can come up with better stuffed toy ideas if you’re going to zero in on a specific age range. For example, it’s a good idea to make something smaller for toddler. A good size is 12″ because it’s big enough for cuddling while it’s small enough not to overwhelm them. It’s also a good size because kids can put them inside their bags. We all know that toddlers and kids develop emotional bonds with their stuffed toys so it’s a good idea to make something that they can bring wherever they go.

If you’re targeting an older market like teenagers or young adults, you can make really big ones. They would be a hit during Christmas and Valentine’s Day because they’re perfect as gifts to loved ones.

Do you want it to be a collectors’ item?

One of the best stuffed toy ideas is to make custom plush toys that are collectors’ items. If this is the case for you, it’s a good idea to make something small. Think “Beanie Babies” small. They were phenomenal because collectors scrambled to complete the whole set. It’s safe to say that the small size added to its appeal. After all, it would be pretty hard to collect toys that are 2 feet in height and width.

How much do you want them to cost?

If you put out great products, people will check them out no matter how expensive they are. Generally speaking, bigger custom plush toys cost more because production cost is higher with them. It would depend on your budget. If you have a big budget, then you can put out bigger and more expensive toys. If you only have a small budget, you can focus on something smaller and just target collectors and toddlers.

Still, everything will start with stuffed toy ideas so come up with your own ideas today.