Homeowners who are looking to completely renovate their yard will want to make sure they have the right tool for the job. For large and small projects, renting an excavator might be a good idea. If the homeowner decides to do the yard makeover on their own, they can rent an excavator for the larger tasks and get everything ready for the next steps quickly and easily. Some of the ways to use an excavator for landscaping tasks will include the following.

Remove Grass, Weeds and More Quickly

If the yard could use a few new garden beds, use an excavator to remove the grass, weeds, and bushes that are in the way. An excavator rental bridgeview il makes it easy for homeowners to clear the land to get ready to install a garden bed so there’s no bending over to pull weeds or digging out the top few inches of soil with a shovel. Once the top layer of grass, weeds, and dirt is removed, fresh topsoil can be placed in the garden bed and gorgeous flowers can be planted.

Dig Out an Area for a Small Water Feature

Water features can really add to the beauty of the yard. Homeowners who want to add a koi pond, a small pond with goldfish or any other water feature for their yard may need to dig quite a bit to get the ground ready for the installation. An excavator makes quick work of this, so the job won’t take weeks to finish. Use the excavator to dig the hole, shape the hole with a shovel to get it exactly right, then add the pond lining and other items necessary to create an amazing pond. T

Create Tiered Garden Beds Easily

Tiered garden beds can help with drainage and can add quite a bit of dimension to the yard. Homeowners who are interested in adding a tiered garden bed may need to move a lot of dirt to create the tiers and make sure they’re filled in properly before adding in the plants. A mini excavator is perfect for this. Create the basic shape of the tiered garden, then use the excavator to move fresh topsoil into the garden. The excavator makes it easy to fill all of the layers in the new tiered garden bed so a weekend of work can lead to stunning results.

Prep for Stunning Hardscape Features

Hardscape features like walls, patios, and walkways need the ground to be prepared properly before they can be installed. If a patio does not have the right layers underneath it to provide support, it will end up sinking into the ground over time. Instead, use an excavator to dig down a few inches so the gravel and paver base can be installed properly. The excavator makes this job easier no matter how big the patio is so the rest of the job can be done fast.

If you’re ready to improve the look of your yard, make sure you have the right tools for the job. Renting an excavator can help with many of the tasks that need to be done to give a fresh new look to the home’s landscaping. Once the hard work is done, it’ll be easy to make sure everything else is done right and looks amazing.