Iran to Negotiate With Obama – Don’t Make Me Laugh

The United States says that it is willing to negotiate with Iran on their nuclear weapons manufacturing, although the talk coming out of Iran is that they will “never give up their nuclear programs” under any circumstances. Well then, what’s to talk about?

Before the Iraq war, the United States got a promise from Tehran, that would they would stay out of the conflict. Obviously, that didn’t happen, instead they brought in insurgents. My brother was in the USMC and they found weapons caches in Iraq with Iranian made armored piercing RPGs and IEDs, the same ones used to kill US troops. How can we trust a nation-states leadership that goes back on their honor?

President Obama is trying to appease the world, says that he will open negotiations with Iran. There can only be two reasons for this; one is he naively believes that we can trust the Iranians in negotiation, or that he can prevent the Iranians from attaining nuclear weapons, and giving them to terrorist organizations in the future. Or two, it is just a dog and pony show to show the world that we tried to negotiate and in that case we know the outcome already, so there is nothing to gain

Either way, it is totally a waste of time.

Still, most of Obama supporters blame President Bush for not negotiating with the Iranians; like that would ever happen, or that the Iranians would ever come clean with the UN or IAEA on their nuclear weapons, they had the chance many times, still, nothing.

Negotiating with Iran is like allowing them to control the game. Their leadership cannot be trusted no matter what they say, so it’s just a waste of time, boy are they going to make Obama look stupid. And this is dangerous stuff, especially as the entire region is gearing up and stocking up for war.

This only gives the advantage to the Iranians, they are playing chess while Obama is pretending he is going to have meaningful discussions with Iran’s leadership. You see, I believe that Obama is in way over his head and has far too many “patty-cake” playing “politically correct” advisors, who just don’t get it. This is my opinion, and this article was re-written so it would sound nicer, as I guarantee you do not wish to read how I really feel about all this. The US leadership needs to wisen up and get busy taking care of business.