Must-Have Office Chair Features

If you are in the market for pre owned office chairs, don’t just consider the color and style. You have an opportunity to ensure the comfort and productivity of employees in your office.

Appropriate Casters for the Flooring

Match chair casters to the flooring in your office. Wider casters glide more easily over gauges in hard floors. Caster materials interact with carpet and floor types. If a chair is too hard to roll on the floor, the chair may slide out from under the employee. You can easily replace worn out or inappropriate casters.

Adjustable Height and Back Support

Proper attention to ergonomics enhances employee comfort, improves productivity, and prevents injuries. If the seats that you choose will be used by a variety of people, consider adjustable height and back supports. The controls for these adjustments should be within easy reach.

When seated, there should be some space between the knees and the front of the chair to prevent undue pressure. Armrests should allow the forearms to rest comfortably at a 90 degree angle. When standing, the seat height should fall just below the knees.

A worker’s legs should fit under the desk. If not, you will need to find a higher desk.

Employees who have histories of back pain or surgery may have special requirements for lumbar support to help them maintain proper posture.

Easy Cleaning Methods

Seats made out of porous materials will absorb spilled liquids. Over time, body fluids in the seating may produce odors. Consider fabric seating treated with stain resistant chemicals.

In a medical office setting, you may need plastic or vinyl seats that wipe down easily with anti-bacterial cloths. Consult your infection control policies to learn more about the chemicals that your janitors will use to clean furniture. Choose materials that will not break down over time when exposed to cleaning agents.