Plumbing In Your Home And In Your Country

Plumbing In Your Home And In Your Country

Different countries throughout the world have different standards and qualities for when it comes to manufacture finished products in bathroom suites and general taps market. In the western countries the quality of the products from bathroom taps to sinks and pedestals are absolutely fantastic finished products. Although in the western world we pay a bit more than the other countries in world but that’s for a good reason that the quality is also immaculate and the pinnacle compared to other parts of the world.

Even when it comes to installing or plumbing up a tap or the bath even at that point there are so many different ways in which someone can do so. In the western world we use stop valves and solder the taps on with copper pipes and aluminium pipes to give it that extra finishing touch which makes the whole project look tremendous. In other nations of the world it’s just a matter of simplicity rather than the end finishing product. So what they do there is add a flexible hot and cold pipe to the end of the water mains pipes and attach it to the taps or the baths. In some cases they only have one water pipe and no warm pipe, so what they do in that case is blank off the warm pipe and attached only the cold water pipe to the bath or tap.

Here in the west countries and nations another simple thing that we take for granted is that most of the bath or kitchen products we buy whether it’s a bath or a tap, is that all of them have a warranty package in place. But unfortunately the same cant be said about the people that buy in other under developed countries, that’s why a lot of them buy second hand products rather than brand new, just because of the simple fact that its just so expensive.

Back at home, if we were to install a tap and should the unfortunate thing happened of the taps leaking then all we would do is if they were still under warranty which most taps are we would simply take it back to the place we bought it from, and exchange it for a similar or same product.

We have a well trained work force through the country to make sure that every single thing from building a house to installing a simple toilet or even to tiling a whole new bathroom, is that everything has a procedure everything has a standard of work that has to be met or it fails quality and undermines the whole work being carried out. Even after the whole has been carried out normally foremen’s would come and check the work to the point of a single minuet detail, and then get it signed off with the customer. So that majority of the jobs have to pass several different stages in a project.

A lot of people tend to forget but then realise so weeks later that some of their taps have little marks on them. So that’s why its very important and extremely crucial that before signing off with the workmen that you look at the baths and the taps, see if they haven’t got any scratches on them from the work that has been carried out.