Skill Up This Winter: 3 Online Courses To Take Your Career Search to the Next Level

As temperatures are dropping and going outdoors seems lest enticing, it is the perfect time to start adding some new bullet points to your resume. Take advantage of the internet to help you bring your job search to the next level with these three online courses.

Computer Skills

In today’s job market, for you to remain competitive means having at least some computer skills. Many companies are looking for people who can demonstrate at least one or more of these abilities. Whether you work in marketing and need analytics or web development, by improving these skillsets, you can make yourself more competitive. Before you decide on which course to enroll in, think about what role you want at a company and what classes will support you in that position.

Foreign Language

Many companies no longer hold offices in one city, let alone the same country. For the job seeker looking to go abroad, learning a new language is a great way to open the door to new opportunities. There are a variety of courses you can take, from Japanese to French classes online. Think about whether you work better in a group or one-on-one environment, and remember to consider where you want your work to take you.

Business Management

For those who are at a mid-career level, getting to the executive level has become more difficult, particularly in light of COVID-19. Many companies have a hiring freeze in place, and moving within has become more difficult. You can make use of this time at home to complete an online business course or certificate to help make you a more competitive candidate. Once completed, you can use your new skills to help negotiate a better role and salary.

As you study, keep your goals in mind to help motivate you. You’ll be in your new job before you know it.