Renovations occur out of necessity or luxury. They repair what’s broken, enhance what is already there, add to what presently exists, or breathe life into something that’s old. We’ve all seen those fixer-upper shows where we marvel at the transformation, gaping at the after images that are just so perfect. Renovation is not that simple, in fact it can be just as disastrous as it is successful. And the T.V. show do not capture all the little hoops one has to jump through simply to get the ball rolling. Here are some tips to help would-be renovators start their projects right.


This mostly has to do with additions and guests houses but believe or not the city you live in may have something to say about you renovating. Acquiring permits, or permission, is a big first step to any renovation project. The city may have some zoning ordinance, or code, or even stipulation from the HOA that restricts your ability to add on to your property. Finding such information out is paramount to renovations, as it effects the entire outcome of the job. Never think you can just build.


Many people say it is always wise to add 20% to the overall cost of the project. Twenty percent takes care of all those little hiccups that may show up and cause overall costs to rise. Do a lot of window shopping, cost-comparisons, and budget analysis. Find the right contractor and then go over your budget with them. You want to make sure from the onset that you can afford this renovation. Last thing you need is for the entire enterprise to become a black hole sucking up money.


A job is only as good as the person you get to perform it. Good contractors get bragged on, so word of mouth is an excellent way to find a great contractor with quality work. Structural engineering gold coast is an exact science for many contractors, professionals who can make miracles happen. Renovating there is a little more challenging than other places but remember your location will influence the kind of contractor you need to deal with. Do not get trapped in a horror story, do your research and find a professional who will give you a happy ending.


Many times a renovation will include the expansion of the kitchen. Many older houses with a few decades to their names have small kitchens. But there are ways to do it without busting your budget. Opening the floorplan, a little for instance, merely taking down a wall can make the kitchen seem bigger without any actual expansion at all. Eliminating a hallway or closing in a porch can steal space for a larger kitchen. You can also bump out the kitchen and allow it to hang outside the house. It gives it a bay window type feel, but also adds a few feet to the overall plan creating more space.