The Nokia X6 Mobile Set

The Nokia X6 Mobile Set

Nokia X6 is the latest of the Symbian technology X-series mobile, which has come to par with the tradition of Nokia in developing awe-inspiring products in the field of mobile manufacturing that attracts the sophisticated users of technology. The handset is proficient in the connectivity and the communication tools and also, features the best of the performance when it comes to MP3 and the Mp4 player. The Nokia X6 mobile also, allows the users to keep a track with the help of satellite navigation, photo editor, organizer, and the voice command attributes.

The internet connectivity of the Nokia X-6 mobile features uninterrupted access to the internet by focusing and making the most of the EDGE, Wi Fi, 32 versions of GPRS and the HSDPA. The mobile set can tune to the access points available at the potential locations, which provide a connectivity speed up to 3.6 Mbps. Nokia X6 is a winning combination of form and functionality that has an internal built in memory of, 32GB that allows a number of audio, video or any other files to be stored into the mobile set. To enhance the potential capacity store the mobile set, one can also make use of the external memory card.

The camera of the phone is also effective offering 5megapixels and boosting a Carl Zeiss lens. The standard camera add-ons like, auto focus, geo-tagging and dual LED flash support the camera of the mobile set to the fullest. Geo-tagging is an attribute that allows the users to tag the shot pictures with respect to their locations. When it comes to making videos, the Nokia X6 mobile set enables high VGA shots to be captured at the rate of 30 Fps.

One of the best features of the Nokia X-6 mobile is its Nokia Music license, which enables the users of the mobile phone to download innumerous sound tracks from the internet, without having to pay anything at all or violating the copyright laws. For those who wish to view their professional documents on the mobile to save time and energy and make the most of the moments they have on hands, the Nokia X6 mobile set provides an authentic version of the Microsoft document viewer.

Another beneficial quality of the Nokia X6 mobiles is the glass covering that is highly scratch resistant, thus, maintaining the new look of the mobile for longer tenure. The screen of the Nokia X-6 mobile set is 3.2 inches wide, which can display a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels and can render up to 16 million colors on the screen. Moreover this is a touchscreen, with the help of which, the users can navigate and manage the functions of this compact mobile set with ease.