The Ultimate Guide To Lean Enterprise

Lean manufacturing can be described as a practice that considers the expenditure of resources linked with any process of any particular organization. And if any step within the process fails to create value for the organization that becomes a target for elimination. Any organization that religiously follows the principles of lean manufacturing can be called as Lean enterprise. Manufacturing scenario has completely changed with the advent of lean thinking. With the advent of lean concept, the increase in the quality of the end products and the fall in cost of manufacturing products are quite visible. Lean enterprise is responsible for the manufacturing of top quality products at a great deal.

Some of the common characteristic of lean enterprise includes various factors. Those factors could be-

Primary focus on the customers- Whatever it be, the truth remains the same, you are designing the product for the customer and he is the one who is giving you profit by buying your services or products. It is of utmost important that you give value to your customer by taking care of his needs, wants and demands.

Appropriate alignment of the organization- The employees are the key people in the company. The smooth functioning of the company depends largely on its people. So, it is important that the people should know their purposes of being in the company apart from knowing just job description. All the people involved in a company directly, or indirectly should be well aware of the goals of the company.

Building trust- Trust building is of utmost importance. Yet, it is the toughest job to be executed as there are thousand options available for the consumers in the market. Yet, trust building is possible with constant effort.

Knowledge sharing- Probably knowledge is the only thing that increases with sharing. Moreover sharing knowledge also increases the chance that your company will start running well.

Questioning culture- Any office should not be a pin-drop-silence classroom. It is of immense importance that you build up an atmosphere of constant questioning. Constant questioning helps you reach the root of any problem.

Flexible manpower- If you are having manpower you have got all the strength in your hand. Manpower plays the most important part if you are really willing to give pace to your organization’s production. Flexible manpower is also required to give desired results in customer’s demand.

Visuals- Visuals are way more important than they appears. Visuals are not irregular and are driven by factual data’s. It actually helps in spotting the action that has not delivered as per the expectations at the earliest point and eliminate that at the earliest.

Continuous improvement- There is no full stop to development. If you wish to develop, there is always a scope for development. Continuous development is required to enhance the growth of the organization.

You cannot adopt lean thinking in your organization in a day. When you and your employees apply lean thinking from the grass root levels of the company throughout its journey from making the product till it reaches the consumers through the hands of suppliers and retailers, a perfect lean enterprise is formed.