Truck driving is a career that does not have a set salary. This career pays the driver a rate per mile traveled instead of how long the person works. If you want to make a living, then you have to find loads to haul. Read on to find out where to get loads for trucks.

Talk to A Freight Broker

Talking to a freight broker is one of the ways to find loads. Shippers have freight that needs to get to different locations all over the country. A freight broker can assist shippers by finding quality carriers to haul their loads.

Freight brokers also facilitate the movement of the shipper’s load. They must have a way to contact carriers to get updates on the status of your loads.

Join A Load Board

Many truck drivers start their business by looking for work online. A load board is an online matching system where freight brokers and shippers can post their loads. This free service allows truckers on a budget to find jobs without having to spend money. Load boards also allow carriers to post and give away free equipment.

Check Out Local Industry Associations

You can find clients by contacting local chapters of industry associations. Most industries are a part of an organization with members who have similar goals. If you wanted retail clients, then you can find them through a retail association. Trucking companies who want to haul cars would join an auto dealership organization. Your business growth is going to come from associations.

These resources are a good direction to start your search. It helps to define your ideal client. Taking any client is not a good long term strategy for a successful trucking company. It is important to be selective and strategic when choosing someone to work for.