When you run your own business, you are charged with making sure the people you hire are safe to be around your public. You do not want to put your customers at risk by hiring people who are not trustworthy and have the potential of defrauding or harming someone who comes into your business.

While you have a limited means of verifying someone’s identity and safety through the local courts, you may not be able to access this person’s deeper history. You may need to utilize a private eye, warrant search website, or international background check services to verify this person is safe for you to hire and employ.

Checking the Identity

People who fill out an application for employment at your business can put down literally any name they can invent. However, they also need to be able to prove who they really are if you put them through a background check.

Some people may think they can avoid being detected by using a fake ID. They may pay a lot of money for a fake identification card that has their false name on it. They may believe this fake ID will fool you into hiring them.

However, you can verify the person’s true identity by putting his or her credentials through the background check service. If you have the person’s Social Security number or Employment Identification number, you can verify that the number matches the person’s first and last name.

Another way you can verify the person’s identity is by using a finger or thumb print on the application. The service may be able to run that finger or thumb print through the background check system and tell you who that person truly is.

These measures are necessary in order for you to verify the true identities of people who come to work for you. You need to make sure they are safe to be around you, your other employees, and your clients. You can sign up for these services and use them on a regular basis by going to the company’s website today.