Why Toy Manufacturers Prefer Custom Silicone Keypads

Silicone Keypads Are Safe for Kids

Safety is the top priority when designing items for kids and custom silicone keypads offer advantages over other control technologies and materials. Silicone can be formed into soft curves, leaving none of the sharp edges or hard corners other materials might produce. These shapes are not just gentler on young hands but pleasing to young eyes.

Silicone doesn’t contain dangerous chemicals like BPA or phthalates, which are found in many plastics used in toys. This inert material doesn’t give off harmful fumes or react with chemicals. It is hypoallergenic and doesn’t contain open pores where bacteria can accumulate. Silicone surfaces are easy to wipe clean and keep germ free. It is a safe and hygienic material and offers a number of advantages for kid-friendly products.

Toys Resist Environmental Damage

Kids aren’t as careful with electronic products as adults are and environmental resistance is an important characteristic of custom silicone keypads. Parents don’t want to replace a toy the first time their child knocks over a can of soda. Molded keypads are made of a single piece of silicone rubber, giving spilled liquids no access to internal components. A toppled drink could spell disaster to electronics, but not if it spills on a silicone keypad.

The sealed design of these keypads protects it from other elements as well. Dust and dirt can’t work their way in to damage the delicate parts inside. If the toy is left outside, exposure to sun and light rain won’t ruin a parent’s investment. Your customers will appreciate how reliable your toys are even when exposed to rough environments.

Electronics as Tough as the Kids Who Use Them

Electronic toys have to be designed to be shock and wear resistant, and custom silicone keypads fill that need. The single-mold design and sturdy, flexible silicone means keys won’t break off even if the device is handled roughly or dropped on the sidewalk. They stand up to hundreds of hours of hard use rather than breaking the first day out of the box.

Additional treatments are available for custom silicone keypads to make them even more durable. Extra tough coatings increase resistance to abrasion and excessive wear. Other coatings improve their resistance to environmental damage. With these protections, there is no damage a kid can dish out that your product can’t take.

Best of all, custom silicone keypads are inexpensive. Manufacturers looking to balance cost effective manufacture with rugged and reliable components will be pleased by how effective and durable silicone keypads are for their electronic toys and games.