Your Business Will Have No Limits With a CMMS Web-Based System

You’ve been working in the same manufacturing plant for a year as a Floor Manager. You’re up for your review and need to have a great idea to offer to your boss to answer the anticipated “What value do you see yourself adding to the company in the next year?” question. As you walk the floor during rounds, you find that some of the equipment seems to be running slower than usual.

You are going to have to check the CMMS details, but the VP of manufacturing is out today, and only he and the plant manager have the software on their desktops, so you won’t be able to check the data until tomorrow. Not a big deal, but you’re concerned that the slowdown in performance could have a long-term affect on production. As you ponder this situation, you have an “a ha!” moment. If you could check the production data via the web, the software would not be a factor.

As you step into your boss’s office for your review, you begin to let him know the situation you faced today and then open up the topic of a CMMS web-based system.

You explain that the benefits of a CMMS web based system would allow access for all employees from any desktop to the data and reports they need, without having to download software or manually upgrade their systems when new features are available. The company will be able to increase manage their CMMS files with an easy to access, online database. Home-based work is possible which can help reduce overhead costs. The no-boundaries approach to business opens up the possibilities for decreased costs and increased profits.

Your boss listens and then asks you to come back to meet with him tomorrow. He wants to call the owner of the company into to this evaluation. He shakes your hand and you go back work. The next year is looking pretty good right about now.