2 Ways To Find A Reputable Pharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Laboratory

You’re a pharmaceutical drug company, but you don’t have the required manufacturing equipment necessary to produce your drug for pre-clinical trials… Where do you go? What do you do? Well, the answer is you must find a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing laboratory to manufacture your drug product, so you can continue with your clinical trial testing. The problem is not usually that you’re unsure of what you need, it’s that you’re typically unsure of where you need to go to get the service you need. There are quite a few pharmaceutical manufacturing labs that claim aseptic filling, but aren’t equipped to actually support such a claim, and it’s up to you, as a buyer, to ensure your product is safe and is manufactured correctly before it’s distributed to your clinical trial study group.

If you’ve decided that you’re going to need to outsource your pharmaceutical manufacturing, then you need to start looking for a reputable company right away, considering most pharmaceuticals take years to go through initial clinical trials testing before reaching the store shelves and the general public. There are a few places you can find reputable pharmaceutical contract manufacturing labs, and there are also a few places you do not want to find these labs, and I’m about to tell you where.

The first, and best, place that you should search for a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing laboratory is at a convention. Each year there are many great pharmaceutical conventions that take place all over the world, and many of the great reputable companies attend. AAPS is perhaps the biggest tradeshow event, and you’re certainly bound to find a great company to work with at this event. Also, visit BioSpace’s website for a complete list of reputable manufacturers, and for news about each company so you can get to know the company prior to investing your money in them.

Do not, under any circumstances, search for a pharmaceutical contract manufacturing lab in China right now. While the low prices may sound attractive, there are a variety of drug products that are being produced in China that come to the United States having been subjected to inferior raw materials and delaying your clinical trials. This costs you money, and is very unsafe for the public. If this is a practice that you’re currently using to find a manufacturing facility, then you should stop immediately and attend a tradeshow to find your manufacturer.

Using these methods for finding a reputable pharmaceutical manufacturing facility will ensure your success as a pharmaceutical company, and will ensure the safety of the public after your drug is approved for store shelves.