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How to Properly Vet Future Employees

One of the most important things you can do when deciding whether to hire an employee or not is to examine their background. Of course, their qualifications are important. However, they don’t tell you everything you need to know to make sure the person you might hire is a person of great character. After all, you want to hire someone who is responsible, truthful and not dangerous.

Helpful Technological Services

There are many technological services that are helpful in obtaining more relevant information about prospective employees. One great example of this is the SSN trace, which can be used to track the activities of the person who has the social security number that an applicant has supplied you with.

The great thing about tracking technologies is that it allows you to find out information about a person even if they’ve had one or even several name changes. This is because it’s impossible for a person to change their social security number. It’s a piece of data that remains the same throughout the entirety of a person’s life. Sometimes people change their names in order to make it easier to hide information from employers and others, but these services counteract this underhanded method to make sure you know everything you need to know about a prospective employee.

Social Media

You can also find out a lot about a person and their personality by looking through their social media accounts. There are so many sources of information at your fingertips, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. After all, it’s hard for many people to keep their true selves hidden on their online profiles.

These are just a few of the steps you can take to ascertain exactly who you’re hiring. You can use them to your advantage in order to hire the best employees possible.…

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Why You Should Add Miniature Golf to Your Existing Business

Owning a business is a rewarding experience, but to be successful, you have to put a great deal of work into staying above the competition. There are many ways to do this, including marketing, promotions, and more. However, if you own a physical business, there is another idea that can help you soar to new heights: adding a mini golf course to your property. Why is it so powerful?

Well, there are a few reasons – the first of which is that it draws attention. As potential customers drive by your business, it’s really hard not to notice a miniature golf course.

They might not stop at that moment, but they’ll often go home and tell their significant other or friend, “Hey, I noticed a new mini golf course at XYZ Business. Let’s check it out Friday night.” They’ll then tell their friends and family.

Another benefit is that it can actually drive business to other things you do. If, for instance, you own a restaurant on the property, your mini golf customers will be smelling your food while they play their round. This will work up an appetite, which will likely lead them to eat once they’re through with their game.

On the other hand, you could run a promotion through which you provide restaurant customers a free round of miniature golf. You could make it contingent upon them spending a specific amount of money or if they come in on your slowest night. In either case, both the restaurant and the miniature golf can drive business to one another.

Before you think you don’t have the space available for miniature golf, contact a professional. There are miniature golf solutions for a wide range of property types and sizes.

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Pressure to Ease Labor Shortage Spurs Pay Hike

Pressure to Ease Labor Shortage Spurs Pay Hike

To entice and retain workers, Guangdong is studying how much to raise minimum wage levels in the province. Makers, hard-pressed to keep costs low, prefer to improve living conditions instead.

The upcoming Chinese New Year holiday calls to mind problems associated with the annual event-long lines at the bus and train stations, stranded passengers, and factories wondering whether their workers would come back.

Manufacturers in Guangdong, in particular, are worried. The province has become one of the most expensive places in China for a migrant worker to live in. Although its minimum wage is the third-highest in the country, many workers have deemed it better to find jobs in the Yangtze River Delta region. The cost of living in Zhejiang province, for instance, is slightly lower than in Guangdong. Plus, the basic pay is higher.

Since wages are not as competitive, Guangdong’s suppliers are concerned this year’s holiday will result in another severe labor shortage. This is especially troubling because many factories in the province are still trying to fill positions that have remained vacant since the 2010 Chinese New Year festival. Moreover, a large number of companies have reported workers resigning to go back to their home provinces as early as December.

Because of this, some of the bigger manufacturers are 500 to 600 hands short. Such businesses now have to assign office employees to the production lines at least once a week to help finish all orders before the holiday starts.

Guangdong mulls minimum wage hike

To ease the pressure from the anticipated labor shortage after the Chinese New Year holiday, Guangdong is now considering raising the minimum wages this year. How high the current levels will be lifted, however, depends on what the circumstances will be after the festival.

Among the factors to be considered are the labor shortage situation, the minimum wage levels at other provinces and how much local companies can afford to dole out monthly.

But while increasing the basic pay could retain some migrant workers, doing so is not likely to stem the movement away from the Pearl and Yangtze River Delta regions and to the inland provinces.

Last year, 30 provinces and municipalities raised minimum wage levels, many by more than 20 percent. After the adjustments, Shanghai still offers the highest basic pay at 1,120 yuan per month, followed by Zhejiang at 1,100. Guangdong is third with a 1,030 yuan monthly minimum salary.

This came as the National Bureau of Statistics showed the eastern provinces had 8.9 percent fewer migrant workers in 2009, at about 90 million. In contrast, the western provinces saw a 35.8 percent increase in the number of migrant workers in the area, exceeding 29 million.…

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Laser Tools That Are Used Every Day

Laser Tools That Are Used Every Day

We depend upon industry to provide us with the products that we use on a daily basis. Industry, in turn, relies on a variety of tools to make those products and to continue to make them more and more accurately. Although there are many tools that are used in industry for this purpose, laser tools are some of the more accurate and can provide the speed that is necessary to keep prices low. In fact, diode lasers are used for a variety of purposes, including measuring, leveling and cutting. Here are a few of the laser tools that are used in industry which help to enhance the products that we find in our homes.

One way in which lasers are regularly used is in the construction industry. A laser level can allow you to strike a level line, something that can have a variety of benefits within the industry. One of the ways that it can be used is to provide a consistent rise or fall for laying pipeline. In the case of sewer or storm drain, it is necessary for you to have a certain amount of fall so that the waste does not pool in the pipe. A laser level can be set up at one end of the pipe and a line can be shot completely to the other end, provided there are no bends in the pipe along the way.

Laser levels are also commonly used in other types of construction work, including laying floors and hanging ceilings. In either of these cases, the laser level can be set up in the center of the room and it will spin quickly, throwing a level line on the wall in every direction. You will either measure down from that level line to determine the level of the floor or you will measure up, helping you to determine where the ceiling is going to be installed. In either case, it provides you with a very easy way to do so that is much more accurate than using a common level.

Laser tools are commonly used in surveying, a profession that fills many needs. At one time, it was necessary for distances to be measured with a metal tape, known as a chain. The rear chainman and would hold the foot on one end and the front chainman and would measure the increments of the foot out front. Today, a man is able to carry a prism on a pole which will reflect the laser light back to the instrument that is used to take the measurement. It provides a very accurate and quick measurement which can be used in everything from property surveys to large-scale construction projects.

In most cases, the lasers that are used in industry are used behind the scenes. The products that find their way into our homes are developed and built with those lasers, however, allowing for additional accuracy and speed in manufacturing. Although it would still be possible to manufacture those products without the use of lasers, we would be losing a lot of benefits if they were not available.…

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Business Credit Cards

The Levels Of Enterprise Growth Explained

BUSINESS PLAN D’UNE ENTREPRISE TOURISTIQUE : L’ILE AUX TRESORS. Insurance products and services are underwritten by unaffiliated insurance corporations. But, constructing your individual plan is not as simple as simply reducing and pasting from someone else’s plan. LivePlan consists of all 500 business plan samples, so you’ll be able to simply reference any of them while you’re writing your individual plan.

Reference class forecasting has been developed to cut back the risks of cost overruns and income shortfalls and thus generate extra correct business plans. Since the My Own Business Institute (MOBI) course is damaged down into fifteen of crucial topics to consider in beginning or operating a business, your business plan can simply be organized into this identical format.

When you can easily discover ways to write a marketing strategy yourself, you’ll still profit from having another person learn by way of your plan and you may still need outside help, akin to a CPA to create your monetary documents and/or a market research firm to develop statistics about your markets.

Fundraising is the primary objective for many business plans, since they’re associated to the inherent probable success/failure of the corporate risk. In case you intend to secure outside funding for your small business, you possibly can anticipate a business plan to be a requirement.

The additional benefit of being ready to provide the information wanted to jot down your business plan is that the more accurate and detailed the knowledge you provide, the decrease the price of having the marketing strategy written by someone else for a charge.…

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Toll Manufacturing – Is it Best to Go For it Or Not?

Toll Manufacturing – Is it Best to Go For it Or Not?

The answer to this question can be quite controversial and answering it with either a yes-no or even a maybe is not as much as necessary. Like outsourcing, toll manufacturing can be a pretty sensitive topic for some especially if the quality of the product is at stake.

However, on a bigger point of view, there are hundreds (let’s be practical here) of reasons why businesses like chemical or processing industries, no matter what their capital or budget tells, consider toll manufacturing. Businesses on a smaller scale will simply look for manufacturers that can help them produce the number of products they require without having to spend more simply because they have no choice. Several reasons can be seen here but the number one factor would be the budget or operation cost.

Then again, failure becomes inevitable once cost sets in. A lot of businesses focus on this aspect too much that they have the tendency to disregard several factors that can wreak havoc if taken for granted.

To ensure at par services at reasonable prices, live by these tips:

1. Never overdo saving

Reducing operating cost is a strategic move to uphold your business. But do not overdo it especially if there are more elements that can trigger more risks and these things are normally detected in the end. Before considering a toll manufacturer to work on chemical filling for you, try to assert first if you can execute it on your own. Also, evaluate if resorting to this type of manufacturing will do you good.

2. Uphold confidentiality

Whether you like it or not, considering the concept of toll manufacture can put your business into security risk. At some point, confidential information can be exposed to the toll manufacturer you are working with. For example, if you consider outsourcing the process on blending chemicals, take extra precaution before exposing your formula outside your company.

3. Consider unseen circumstances

Like you, toll manufacturers are also prone to bankruptcy, mismanagement, or any other problems prevalent in businesses. When this happens, your business will be affected too. In fact, it can bring you bigger problems if ignored.

These tips don’t necessarily tell you that resorting to toll manufacturing is a big no-no. It’s just that some businesses become too overwhelmed about the savings that they tend to disregard important elements to ensure successful business transactions.

And so, the bottom line of this argument lies on how the primary business should handle such agreement. The idea of outsourcing some of your business processes can really do more good. No qualms about it. Just don’t forget that you are still in control and just like a credit card, it’s never an extension of your business.…

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Six Sigma Changed Manufacturing Forever

Six Sigma Changed Manufacturing Forever

It did not take long after word started spreading about the success Motorola had improving production, for other companies to want to learn the secret. The quality of Motorola products improved considerably in the late 1980’s and it was because the CEO adopted the Six Sigma model. The model called for improving the manufacturing process to eliminate production problems that were costing Motorola millions of dollars. Now the words ‘six sigma’ and the manufacturing industry are practically synonymous! That is because of the huge success companies have seen with this methodology.

Six Sigma is a quality control program that strives to produce a nearly perfect product every time it goes through the assembly line. Six Sigma, stands for the number that Motorola tried to obtain of less than 4 defects per 1 million units which has now become the industry standard. Five Sigma is just over 200 defects per million and the scale goes down from there. If a company is running at Three or Four Sigma, there are hundreds or thousands of problems. This is when major changes in manufacturing are required.

When Motorola began the review of production in 1986, they found that most of the production lines were operating at Three Sigma or worse. The production problems were costing Motorola customers and the future of the company was threatened. Special teams of experts were employed to look at each step of the manufacturing process to determine where the defects were coming from and how they could be reversed. The experts were named after martial arts experts who work their way from yellow belt up to black belt.

When this method is used to improve manufacturing, the team member who is a black belt is in charge. He or she has been specially trained in quality control measures to overhaul the assembly line. They will employ a team composed of a variety of people including green belts and yellow belts who are also trained in the methodology but to a lesser degree. The collaborative approach is one of the key features in making sure that any company obtains its desired results.

It may seem unrealistic to expect that a company can manufacture a product with Six Sigma 99.9997% efficiency but it is definitely possible as many companies have proven. Assessing performance and analyzing the data to make sure that the goal has been achieved and is being maintained are a critical part of the process.…