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The Curse of the ‘D’ Cup

The Curse of the ‘D’ Cup

It is a misconception that big boobs are a blessing. I sometimes fantasise about my reincarnated self and she is everything I am not. A perfect 32B. Small, blonde, dainty, a jaw dropping hourglass figure and a manipulative seductress. She (I) will stand around airport terminals looking sweetly incapable of lifting anything heavier than a credit card whilst looking for ‘Mr Big and Muscle-ly’ to carry my bags.

Such is the stuff of dreams! The truth is that blokes look at me and expect me to help them with their luggage.

This deviates a little from today’s gripe which is all about bra wires. I can almost hear the collective “I hear you sister” from those of you cursed to wear an underwire bra. You understand the discomfort, and appreciate our chief complaint regarding these feats of modern engineering; that devastating moment when years of faithful, unappreciated support turn nasty and that wire tries to stab you to death.

That’s right it’s ‘The Revenge of the Bra Wire’.

There are some simple solutions to extend the life of an underwire bra. Read the washing instructions ( oh, stop laughing!) which tell us to wash by hand in luke-warm water. Reality is the majority of us will chuck it in the wash with everything else playing ‘Russian Roulette’ that this won’t be the load where those pesky wires work loose and blow up the washer! You can save this supportive friend by popping it in a lingerie bag and using the gentle cycle. This, however, will only delay the on-set of the dreaded boob stab.

I once had a bra that I wore out. It lasted for years and the only reason it had to go was because its elasticity finally exhausted its capacity to recover after years of wrestling a bouncing pair of “DD’s” .

Naturally, amazed that it had never tried to impale me, I conducted an autopsy and discovered something fascinating. Unlike every other bra wire that had attempted to kill me with it’s sharp, raw metal edge these wires were plastic tipped. Smooth, plastic coated wire tips. No wonder it couldn’t cut through!

The solution obviously lies in it’s manufacture. A one step addition to the production line. The fix is simple, inexpensive and surprisingly, rarely used. I can only assume our lingerie manufacturers don’t want their product to last any longer than our expectations would dictate. I now take the time with every bra purchase to feel the wires and I only buy those that are tipped. If you’re an Underwired Gal, do yourself a favour and learn to check before you buy!…

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Nissan Shifts Murano Production to Mississippi

Nissan Shifts Murano Production to Mississippi

Among sport utility vehicles, the Nissan Murano offers a thoroughly unique look featuring a more rounded body than the chiseled features its competitors offer. This midsize crossover SUV has carved out for itself a niche and beginning in 2014 production will shift from Japan to a Nissan manufacturing plant in Mississippi.

Nissan Models

The Canton, Mississippi plant has been fully operational for 10 years and currently produces a number of models including the midsize Altima sedan, the burly Armada SUV, the Xterra SUV, the small Frontier pickup truck, and Nissan’s line of passenger and commercial vans. Once production of the Murano begins, Nissan will have achieved an 85 percent North American build capacity, with the remaining vehicles imported from Japan.

The Nissan Murano is sold in front- and all-wheel-drive configurations. Eight models are available ranging in price from the Murano S FWD at $30,340 to the Murano LE AWD at $41,130. New for 2013 is its value package, adding a nine-speaker Bose audi system as an option to SV models. Two new exterior colors, an auto-dimming rear mirror and HomeLink are also included.

Engine and Transmission

As before, the 2013 Nissan Murano is powered by a 3.5-liter V-6 engine and is paired with a continuously variable automatic transmission. Its 24-valve engine make 260 horsepower at 6,000 rpm and 240 foot-pounds of torque at 4,400 rpm. Nissan makes use of a variable induction system and direct injection to deliver maximum performance while ensuring top fuel efficiency. Indeed, Murano is rated as high as 18 mpg around town and 24 mpg on the highway, good numbers for a two-ton vehicle.

The Nissan Murano sits on a 111.2-inch wheelbase and is 189.9 inches long by 74 inches wide by 67 inches tall. This vehicle offers 29.6 cubic feet of cargo storage capacity behind the second row seat.

Interior Room

Head room measures 38.3 inches up front and 38.1 inches in the back. Leg room comes in at 43.6 inches up front and 36.3 inches in the back. Hip room is 54.8 inches up front and 55.4 inches in the back. Shoulder room measures 59.6 inches in the front seat and 58.7 inches in the back seat.

Nissan loads the Murano with numerous safety features including hood buckling creases, front and rear crumple zones and an energy absorbing steering column. In Insurance Institute for Highway Safety testing, Murano scored “good” in most tests and received a “marginal” grade for roof strength. The IIHS is backed by the nation’s major auto insurance companies.

Safety Features

Every Murano comes equipped with a suite of airbags and Murano CC models offer enhanced door mounted side impact and rollover airbags. That model also comes equipped with a pair of pop-up roll bars. Stability control traction control, active head restraints and a tire pressure monitoring system are standard.

For Nissan, moving Murano production from Japan to the United States enables this automaker to build its crossover SUV for less. A strong yen has made building and shipping vehicles from abroad a costly proposition, something the Mississippi manufacturing plant will help Nissan resolve beginning in 2014.…

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The Manager’s Role in Continual Improvement

The Manager’s Role in Continual Improvement

Continual Improvement  (CI) can be defined as making changes in processes or systems to improve the ability to fulfill stated requirements. An effective CI process is simply an organized approach to improving processes and reaping the rewards.


In many businesses today the leadership team is saying or thinking “this quality system (ISO 9001, Lean, Six Sigma, et al) stuff just hasn’t yielded the results we expected.” Many businesses are concerned that process and quality improvement efforts have become “bogged down” in bureaucracy. The challenge is to define, implement and sustain a simple CI approach that enables your company to become the low cost, high quality leader in your industry. 


As with any other enterprise wide initiative or business system, the support and involvement of top management is critical. This requires more than “lip service.”


How does top management show their involvement? They must:

 1) articulate the vision and expectations for CI

2) provide the resources

3) insure that obstacles are removed

4) participate in the process


Top management must be visible participants and ask the right questions. Staying in an office or avoiding the factory floor is not an option for success in any endeavor such as this one. Visibility of top personnel is a key to success. The senior leadership must get involved and be seen by the employees as participants and not as “order givers.” Without this involvement, the efforts will not yield the results that should be achieved.


This is not a complex issue and common sense should prevail. A simple plan that builds on effective management principles and philosophy should not “re-invent the wheel!” The five components of a simple and effective process are:

1.    Take Care of the Basics in Your Business

2.    Focus on the Processes

3.    Eliminate Waste

4.    Get it done with Teams

5.    Measure the Results…

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Private Label Cosmetics – You Need Your Own Cosmetics Brand

Private Label Cosmetics – You Need Your Own Cosmetics Brand

Private label cosmetic manufacturing is currently enjoying unprecedented growth. Sales are steadily increasing every year, at a rate which many other industries can only envy.

If you are a salon owner, or in the business of selling skin care, hair care, makeup, toiletries, body and bath products, now had never been a better time to start making your own brand products.

Or, if you are seeking an easy to operate, low risk, high profit business venture, manufacturing private label cosmetic brands has little competition and enormous potential.

Why should every salon, spa, pharmacy and cosmetic retailer have their own brand?

The internet has globalized virtually every industry, and the beauty products business is no exception. Not so long ago, many skin care and cosmetic products could be purchased only from professional spas, salons and authorized retailers. Business owners and their staff undertook special training in the use of these products, in order to give the best possible advice to their clientele and maintain a high standard not only for their own business, but also the brand name they were promoting.

It was impossible to purchase many big brand cosmetics from anywhere but these professional outlets. This offered not only prestige, but a powerful and professional advantage to salon and business owners – it guaranteed them a certain exclusivity over beauty products available in department stores, retail outlets, pharmacies, etc.

Sadly for most salon owners, this is no longer the case. The internet has allowed mass access to these previously professional-only products. That exclusivity that was once the lifeblood of so many salons and spas, has slowly but surely been eroded. After so many years of providing professional recommendations, investing time and money undertaking countless hours of training, and supplying priceless free word-of-mouth advertising for the multi-billion dollar cosmetic manufacturing conglomerates, salon owners have received a rude wake-up call.

The internet has made it easy for their previously loyal clientele to buy major brand skin care, hair care, make up, suntanning products, etc, without leaving home.

Long gone are the days when salon owners could rely on cosmetic manufacturing companies to protect their interests and sales by controlling the distribution of their products. It has proved impossible to control the spread of an ever increasing number of global websites offering major brand name cosmetics.

Private label cosmetics are the answer to this problem – and hence the reason for their surge in growth and popularity like never before.

Most spa and salon owners have stood by and watched helplessly as:

The professional image of their business is eroded

Their hard-won role as a provider of an exclusive product is eroded

Their customer loyalty is declining

Product sales steadily weaken

The cosmetic manufacturing conglomerates grow bigger and richer, thanks in no small part to their invaluable recommendations, for which they now receive no compensation

Salon and spa owners, and countless retailers around the world are now recognizing that there is only one brand worth promoting: Their own brand.

The most astute business owners have become aware that the largest slice of the profits is to be made by manufacturing cosmetics, skin care, hair care, bath and body products themselves, or by contracting a private label cosmetics manufacturer.

Private label cosmetics manufacturing does not require expensive equipment or a cosmetic chemistry degree. With professional formulations and manufacturing procedures, it is possible to start a high demand, high profit manufacturing business for very low start-up. Profit margins can easily reach 1000%. With so many businesses, from spas and salons to department stores and pharmacies now realizing the potential of increased profits and customer loyalty, there has never been a better time to start a business as a private label cosmetics manufacturer.…

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Know How Paper Mills Manufacture High Quality Paper

Know How Paper Mills Manufacture High Quality Paper

Manufacturing paper is something that we do not bother or think once while we use it in our daily walks of life. We just love to go to the nearby stationery and buy all the notepads that we require. We scribble down all the notes and when all the pages of the notepad or the register have been consumed, we throw it away. We keep doing it for years and years together until we really get exhausted of all our resources. Throughout this period, not even once do we think of the ways in which all the paper gets manufactured. Not even for a single moment does the thought come to our mind about the ways in which the paper gets made and how it is made into high quality.

Paper is manufactured in a mill or a factory. It manufacturers start manufacturing paper after a long and tedious process that involves many things. First the contractors chop off all the tress and take the logs to a dock. The logs are put through grinders where they get streamlined from the raw shape in which they come. After this stage, these logs are further taken to a place where they are witted and kept in the sun. Once the logs become smooth, it is then that they are further chopped into slices and amalgamated with sticky fluid which is a very influential step towards producing paper.

After this, the logs that have been worked up with are taken to the paper mill factory where they are further segregated and put into a condition from which it can be formed. The mill is influential in this paper formulation and all the manufacturers in town follow the same procedure. Once it formed, it is still in a very raw state. The paper that is available in the raw state if further taken and put through machines, where its state is worked and made into a more cleansed state. This cleansed state is mixed with certain chemicals which increase the quality in paper and take out all the anomalies from it.

After this process, the paper is dried all over again and made into the state which it is in and the final state of good quality paper is produced which serves as one of the best forms of paper and ensures that the paper is done well.…

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Economic Shortage, Selection And Opportunity Cost

Affiliated school generate influential and chopping-edge analysis on essential public policy points. Alternative has supplied substantial proof in support of the mission’s main scientific targets: to search for and characterize a wide range of rocks and soils that maintain clues to previous water exercise on Mars Along with investigating the water, Opportunity has also obtained astronomical observations and atmospheric data.

Making sure that the opportunity to speak is balanced out is essentially the most basic job that a moderator has. They attempt to measure the structural capability and help that every urban economy offers to the forces that propel economic development. Do not use occasion to confer with a state of affairs by which it is potential for somebody to do one thing.

Apply to attend JCI’s Worldwide Summit on #Peace in Malaysia 2017 @oneyoungworld 9 hours in the past. The Opportunity Project is unleashing the ability of information and know-how to increase financial alternative in communities nationwide. Today, we work hard to promote safety, excellence, and physical and mental properly-being for pupil-athletes.

The work begins at the moment to ensure Charlotte-Mecklenburg is a community that cares about all of our kids and youth —no matter their income, background, race or zip code—and the place all of our youngsters feel they belong, have huge goals and have the opportunity to achieve those goals.

Opportunities for promotion → possibilità fpl di carriera. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who helped me with this e book. He’s no shrinking violet, thoughts you, and definitely no stranger to workers shenanigans. Alternative to change into an official distributor of safety products across Africa.…

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Pathfinder Luggage One Of The Best In The Business

Pathfinder Luggage One Of The Best In The Business

Pathfinder is identified as one of the best luggage manufacturing companies in the world of luggage and baggage. It’s luggage popular all over the world due to great service that it has been able to offer to its innumerable customers. This highly esteemed and popular company came into being when the company founder Eiken Lin made the endeavor of manufacturing luggage which were of high quality, great appeal and low cost. The motive behind this endeavor was to enable people of all means afford top class variety of luggage without spending a fortune in purchasing it. Innovation is the passion of Pathfinder and it is this guiding force which has made Pathfinder Luggage a brand name today.

A widely recognized brand, Pathfinder has become a favorite all over the world for it offers its users ease of use, high quality and durability- all at reasonable cost. In fact integrity, quality and durability are the three most important factors which are given utmost importance while manufacturing the products. Since they have paid so much heed to the factor of quality, their products are manufactured of the finest of materials which enable them to last for prolonged times. The finest components from the top class resources are utilized to manufacture each and every item of this luggage manufacturing brand. All of those who has used a product manufactured by Pathfinder Luggage has found it to be worthwhile for the cash in which it comes. Quality is everything for Pathfinder; so once you get hold of a product manufactured by them, there is absolutely no looking back!

This reputed company has in business for a long time and since its inception it has been supplying numerous goods of varied styles and designs. The reason behind the diversity of product collection is their effort to offer each and every customer with an item that matches their taste and needs. The variety of product design and styles has also been planned to meet the different utilities and purposes. Whether it is about the bags that you need for regular use or those which would accompany you in hectic travels- you will get it all in Pathfinder. This is another factor which has helped Pathfinder Luggage to earn the global repute to this great extent.

The diversity in styles and designs has another purpose- to make the collection feasible for buying for people of all means. While people with limited budget can find excellent looking luggage with all necessary features at most affordable of prices, those who can afford to spend a fortune of luggage too can try the superior items of this collection. The factors of style, affordability and durability of the products of Pathfinder Luggage have made them highly preferable amongst customers of different parts of the world. This reputable company is not just serious about style, they pay equal amount of importance to quality. So the next time you need to buy a luggage grab a Pathfinder for best results!…