4 Ways to Save Money on Moving Expenses

Moving, whether it is across town or across the country, can be an expensive process. Between figuring out your new residence and paying for moving services, you may be looking for ways to cut some of the cost. By DIYing some of your moving supplies and essentials, you can keep some funds in your pocket to pay for other important moving expenses.

Make Your Own Furniture Dolly

Though you can buy a furniture dolly at a local hardware store, you may be able to make your own much cheaper. If you have some scrap wood at the house and some screws, create a square furniture dolly using 4 inch caster wheels.

Collect Your Own Packing Paper

To protect certain valuables, many people rely on large rolls of brown packing paper that can be torn into sections and wrapped around their items. You can do the same thing with old newspapers or scrap paper from work. Get your friends and family to save their scrap papers as well, and you will be able to wrap several items at no cost.

Use Your Linens

You may be wondering what to do with all the sheets, towels, and blankets you have. Your linens can be used for extra padding around furniture or to take up extra space in boxes. Don’t waste boxes on folded towels, curtains, or bedding. Use them to protect picture frames, add support to your box of wrapped dishware, or to cushion lamps.

Look for Recycled Boxes

If you have a lot of stuff, purchasing new boxes can get expensive. You can use social media sites to ask friends and family to save their Amazon or other boxes for you, but you may also be able to go to a retailer and ask for some used boxes.

Saving money wherever you can is a way to make sure your move doesn’t break the bank. Save your funds to be used toward getting settled into your new home.