American Sports Nutrition – Manufacturer of Sports Supplements

American Sports Nutrition has introduced the sports supplement industry to some of the most innovative products in the recent history.

The development starts from trying to understand properly what the customer is looking for. The staff at American Sports Nutrition has years of experience in the industry and can gauge what their customers are looking for. Once they are aware of what the customer needs then they can focus all their energy into developing the best available product. Because American Sports Nutrition maintains some of the highest and most stringent standards of manufacturing, the products manufactured are of the highest order.

Beyond ensuring that the products are of the highest quality, American Sports Nutrition also tries to maintain the best of standards in customer service. So they allow you to place orders around the clock, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Even if you don’t have an order to place but you just want to clarify something about a supplement, you can always call and find out. An American Sports Nutrition representative will always be there, ready to help you.

The Products

American Sports Nutrition has launched a whole range of products over the years. Some of these are UR24Burnfast, American Whey, American Stamina, Creatine Monohydrate, American Soy, Vanadyl with Chromium, American Glutamine Powder, Fat Burner, Cut It Fast, Tone It Fast, American Mass, American Amino 2000 and Major Egg. In the following section of the article, we will discuss about two of the major products from American Sports Nutrition.

American Whey

Many of us do not know that about four-fifth of the dry weight in our muscles is actually composed of protein. While we workout in the gym our body goes through a lot of stress which lead to minor, tiny cracks in our muscle fibers. The job of protein is to heal these tiny cracks. The healing is only the beginning of the process of growth of muscles. American Whey ensures that there is enough protein for the cracks to be repaired. American Sports Nutrition’s American Whey has been developed on the basis of ion-exchange process. Free of preservatives and chemicals, it has also been ensured that the product is free from any impurity. The supplement is one of the best to tasting whet protein that is available today in the market, and this has been accomplished by adding fructose to make it sweet. There are also natural flavoring agents. With American Whey to keep you company, there is very little to worry about rigorous gym training programs. While you focus on the routine, American Whey takes care of the minor wear and tear.

Creatine Monohydrate

It has now been established that creatine is the crucial building block of protein and is fundamental to the growth of our muscles and gaining lean muscle mass. Experiments have also indicated that while our body is capable of producing creatine by itself, much of what it produces is lost as the by-product creatinine. While that is really unfortunate, the good news is that creatine can be sent to our muscles directly from an external source. And this is exactly what Creatine Monohydrate does. American Sports Nutrition’s creatine powder reaches our muscles directly and helps them grow bigger and stronger.