Have a Magical Wedding With Marquee Linings

If you’d like to recreate the magical atmosphere of Bill Weasley and Fleur Delacour’s wedding in the latest Harry Potter movie installment, you can do so with a marquee complete with elegant linings. However, most people are clueless on how to hire one and you may fervently wish to have a magic wand for fewer hassles. Since magic wands are nonexistent, we’ll give you a more practical alternative, a primer on how to hire a marquee and choose your marquee linings.

The first thing to consider is to figure out your event needs to determine the price. The price of erecting a temporary structure depends on how big a tent you need and the type of linings, decorations, furniture, and floors you’d like. The size of the structure is determined by how many guests you’re going to invite and the extra space you need for serving food, dancing, or milling about. Event experts say that for a buffet event, an estimated minimum of 8 square feet per person is required. For seated events, about 15 square feet per person is ideal. With this, you can add extra space for the dance floor. As for the cost, charges range from A�15 to A�50 per person. The lower range involves just the marquee and simple decorations while the higher range can include hardwood floors and other decorations.

After you have decided about the size of the tent, you can then choose from traditional, frame, or Chinese hat marquees. Frame types are great for limited spaces and as extensions for buildings. Chinese hat types are smaller so they are only great for intimate parties. The traditional wedding type is an excellent choice for events because they have inner aluminium poles that can be used as base for decorative elements, such as flowers or lighting effects. They may need extra space around them but are much more suitable for formal occasions. For summer or spring events, walls can be removed so that guests can enjoy the splendour of the surrounding gardens.

Aside from the type, you should also choose the marquee linings which are used to conceal unsightly structural elements. Marquee linings can make the interiors of tents elegant to complement the formality of a wedding, anniversary, or other special event. They also considerably transform the setting of parties because of their natural elegance and style. Swags, valances, and lighting effects can enhance the linings, converting an average area into a magical place suitable as a backdrop for special occasions. Aside from the roof and the walls, the poles can be draped with fabric and decorated with flowers and festoons of ribbon. Some even have lights that change colours installed near the poles that are particularly striking near cake tables or entrances.

Aside from the linings, you can choose starcloths which are dark fabrics installed with fibre optics to light up your ceilings. This will recreate the night sky filled with stars, an exceptionally beautiful background for romantic dances and other party revelling. With this information, you can create an enchanting venue that will serve as a wondrous backdrop for your special event and you won’t even need a magic wand to accomplish this feat.