Is Political Correctness at Consumer Regulatory Agencies Causing Conflict with Solar Energy?

Most everyone would agree that solar energy panels are a form of clean energy. But have you ever stopped to think of all the components that go into a solar panel? Have you ever considered the manufacturing process? Is the manufacturing process and all the components of the solar panel really environmentally friendly? After all, the Federal Trade Commission is going after companies which market and advertise that they are environmentally friendly, when they really are not.

Now then, I will probably get into hot water from not being politically correct in this regard, but I would submit to you that solar panels and solar energy is not environmentally friendly at all. Let me explain. You see, if we are truly worried about greenhouse gas then we should be worried about the etching chemicals used in the manufacturing process of solar panels. Did you know that one of the chemicals used in the etching process is 17,000 times worse for the Earth’s atmosphere than CO2? It’s true.

What I can’t understand is why no one is doing anything about it. Apparently the solar industry has a free ride due to the fact that the global warming alarmists, the media, and academia, along with all the politicians in Washington DC are supporting solar energy. Not only are they supporting solar energy, we are also subsidizing it with our tax dollars. But if the etching chemicals in the process of manufacturing are that bad for the environment, then we are living in hypocrisy, as the more panels we produce, the worse things are for our biosphere.

Is my contention that this political correctness at the consumer regulatory agencies such as the Federal Trade Commission and at the environmental agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency have inadvertently caused a conflict which is not being addressed. You see, I believe there are other etching fluids and chemicals which can be used, or there are processes in manufacturing which can be designed into the making of these systems, which will prevent degradation of our atmosphere. After all, how can we get mad at coal-fired plants which let out CO2 exhaust, and then allow an etching chemical that is 17,000 times worse than CO2 to simply evaporate into the air.

Perhaps, you should do your own research on this so you know what I’m talking about, and in doing so I just bet you will come to the same conclusion. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it. If you have any comments, concerns, or questions please shoot me an e-mail right away.