Is American Manufacturing Growing?

Although a huge number of great products that Americans use every day are manufactured in America, with the influx of imports, it can be difficult to tell whether or not the manufacturing industry in America is globally competitive.

A lot of what is manufactured in the United States and sold abroad is not consumer goods like T-shirts, wallets, and plastic toys. Those sorts of goods are more likely to be sourced from China or Mexico, where labor is cheapest. The bulk of American GDP from foreign exports comes from technology and products that are too complex to be made elsewhere.

Manufacturing in the United States has been growing at an impressive rate, and it is slated to continue. According to, manufacturing production in the United States increased 4.9% annually last year.

According to Forbes Magazine, 2022 is going to be a game-changer for American manufacturers, as the US stands poised to take advantage of post-pandemic innovations, increase automation to offset talent shortages, invest in new factory designs, and take advantage of national infrastructure spending.

Companies like EEI Manufacturing are helping to lead the way to growth in the manufacturing industry, after more than 25 years of being at the forefront of American technology, supporting the Aerospace, Defense, and Homeland Security industry.