What Is a Cleanroom?

What Is a Cleanroom?

When people in the manufacturing and scientific research world speak of a cleanroom, they are not talking in the same manner that parents talk to their children. This type of setting has a very specific set of protocols that must be followed in order to maintain a sanitary and safe environment. These types of settings are just as likely to be found in a manufacturing plant as they are a research lab.

A cleanroom setting is required to maintain the integrity of the manufacturing or research taking place in that given area. In order for the room to be considered a cleanroom, there are specific guidelines stating the actual particles per cubic meter that are allowed. In order to keep this ratio proper, various supplies and items are used in the daily operation of these facilities.

Sterile gloves are an obvious supply needed for this type of environment. They are used to prevent the workers or researches from coming in direct contact with the product or research materials. Different settings will require powder-free gloves, so it is important to know the specifications of product or research guidelines before purchasing this item

Surgical masks and coveralls are another clothing item that will be required. The mask provides filtration of both the person’s exhale and the air they are breathing in. When dealing with more hazardous materials, workers or researchers may be required to wear full masks. The coveralls prevent any loose clothing from becoming entangled in the equipment as well as preventing any clothing particles from being introduced into the environment.

When a room is being cleaned, there are certain disinfectants that must be used in order for the room to be considered a cleanroom. In addition, workers will be required to wear shoe covers and sterile tools do the cleaning, such as mops and towels. It is only common sense that the cleaning tools must be as sterile as the supplies if the room is to maintain its sterile environment.

When working in a sterile setting, everything must be maintained properly or the product or research can become contaminated. Even the slightest mistake can cost thousands of dollars when we are talking about research or production costs. It is important to use the proper supplies that will enable the staff to clean and equipment in use in the correct manner. In order for this environment to maintain its integrity, all cleanroom guidelines must be followed at all times.