Production Reduction by Carrying Wastage

Any waste would obviously make the productivity will decrease. But this time I will discuss about the decline in productivity caused by carrying waste. As explained earlier that wastage is carrying all the transportation activities which include activities of loading and unloading, transporting goods, unload, move goods from one place to another. Activities related to transport activities is much cause problems and waste that should be eliminated or minimized in stages.

Decrease in productivity is among others caused by:

1. Disrupted delivery schedules

Schedule timely delivery of materials is the key of the machine or production efficiency can be achieved. In the event of disruption to the delivery of the material production then automatically schedules production will also be disrupted. Production is delayed or interrupted because production had to stop because of certain conditions. Productivity of production machines will not work optimally.

2. The root problem of 5S activities.

Actually the root of the problem is the condition 5S less supportive work environment. 5S bad will cause impaired transport activity. Perhaps the longer transport path, and disruption of roads to transport the material. Or vice verse if the transportation and disrupted shipping will cause the condition 5S is also bad. such accumulation of material that is not in place.

3. Decrease in stamina workers

Activities of loading and unloading and transportation of goods requires a lot of energy so that if many transportation activities, the stamina of workers that should be used to produce goods but are used for the transport of goods.

So the task of campaigns lean manufacturing is to minimize waste that occurs in the production including carrying waste to be removed. With the loss of waste that happens then the human power can focus on the activities of production so that production efficiency can be achieved.