Potential Side Effects You Can Face From Having Too Much Green Tea

Too much of anything can be bad, even if it is too much of something that is good for you. Many people seem to think that if something is good for you that taking more of it is even better. This can cause the thing that is good for you to become not so good for you. Can green tea be bad for you if taken in abundance?

While green tea is good for you, there is caffeine in it. This can affect you if you are sensitive to caffeine.

While green tea has less caffeine then other teas and coffee, there is still caffeine present. Caffeine can cause rapid heart rate and nervousness in people that are sensitive to it.

Green tea has many benefits that should not be missed. If you happen to be caffeine sensitive there are options available so that you can still benefit. Green tea is available in supplement form.

Green tea extracts have more of the antioxidant polyphenol in it then it does caffeine. This makes taking the supplement safer for you than drinking the tea. If caffeine is a problem, then this could be a good option for you.

Not all supplements are created the same. This is important to understand when choosing a multivitamin. There are companies out there that do not deliver the benefits and nutrition that are expected when you take a supplement. Caffeine in a supplement can cause problems for people too.

Companies that are regulated by Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations (GMP), will provide a safe supplement. If a company is not regulated then it is difficult to know what you really are taking. When choosing a supplement, take the time to see what you are really getting.

There can be side effect concerns about green tea and any ingredient if it isn’t taken correctly. Just like vitamin D increases the absorbency of calcium, there are other beneficial combinations. Having herbal extracts in your supplement is a good thing because it increases the absorption of the multivitamin. If taken correctly, these supplements can help you lead a healthy and happy life.