Types of Power Tool Labels Manufacturing Businesses Need to Use

There are different types of power tool labels that are used by a manufacturing facility that makes or assembles power tools. These labels are very important to both the business and the person that is buying the tools. It is also important that they are made of the right material in order to be effective. The types of labels that need to be used by every business include nameplate/logo labels, warning labels, and instructional labels that should be put on any tool leaving the facility. The following information will go into detail about these different types of labels.

Nameplate or Logo labels are the most important ones to make sure are on the product. These labels help with branding and advertising the tools and the company that makes them. The labels that a company uses should be tasteful and represent the business in the best light. They should also be attention grabbing so people will notice them when they look at the tools.

Warning and instructional labels are also very important because they can help a company to avoid a lawsuit. They also warn the user of things that could possibly happen if the tool is used the wrong way. Every tool should have a warning label attached to it in a place the user will be able to see it.

Instructional labels are very helpful to have on the power tools that are being used. Most people do not keep instructional pamphlets in places where they can find them when they need them, so having a label with instructions on how to use the tool is very helpful. Since most tools only have a few instructions these labels are not usually very large in size.

Compliance labels are the most important to have on the power tools a manufacturing business makes. Without these labels the tools cannot be sold. The compliance label tells the consumer that the tool meets UL standards as well as others that have to be met. There is also a separate label that contains compliance and variable information. These labels are the most important and they should be included on every tool.

These are the three types of power tool labels that every manufacturer should put on their tools. There are others that can be added at the discretion of the manufacturer, but a nameplate/logo label, warning label, and instruction label are the three most important ones. Pressure sensitive labels are the best ones to use on power tools because they support high-quality printing and have superior legibility. This type of material also has the ability to endure different elements of the environment that tools are being used in. As long as the three mentioned labels are used on power tools the both the business and consumer will benefit in a very big way.