5S Management

5S Management

Management is the art of managing, organizing, empowering, and watching gnats everything more efficient for a particular achievement. 5S management focused on setting up and implementation of 5S in a corporate environment, supported by all who are included in the company to achieve the level of organizational stability, productivity, quality and employee performance.

5S itself is the basic manufacturing activities that absolutely must be done by each company to improve productivity and efficiency in all lines of the company. 5S is not really a big job, which requires huge funds and resources, but the activities of individuals or groups regarding environmental management work for convenience in working. 5S has a tremendous impact for the creation of lean manufacturing that seeks to reduce waste in production processes.

5S activities consist of removing, organizing, cleaning, caring for and sustain all the activities in the work. Although the basic habits of each worker, but requires an integrated management and involve all components of the company’s bottom up to top level managers.

The main objective is to create conditions 5S Management that is stable and effective in every activity, while also presenting a quality product, customer satisfaction and increased work productivity.

To achieve these objectives should be done in managing the 5S system are:

1. Integrated involving all lines of production and all sections within the company, from handling raw materials, production processes and delivery to the customer.

2. Sustainable, which means not only campaigned when there is an audit or visitors, but has been organized and made a habit in the manufacturing environment.

3. Train and Train, The work done has never tired of continuing training to all people and all times by conducting trainings are scheduled well, to make a positive habit to consciously 5S

4. Give each other examples. Implementation of 5S is not only the operator’s president of production alone but must also give examples of the implementation of 5S.

These 5S management techniques every company will vary and adjust the company’s existing resources, but the core of the 5S management are the same. For example there is a company that focuses on the implementation of briefings each morning to remind every worker in every early work. There is a company that focuses on standardization clear and easily understood, there is also emphasis on the auditing system and scheduled routine and so forth.

5s Management which will both contribute significantly to the implementation of lean manufacturing