Italy’s Manufacturing Industry

Italy’s Manufacturing Industry

Even though people nowadays associate Asian countries like China to be the major manufacturing industry hubs, and many industries have set up factories there, Italy’s manufacturing industry has held its own and receives a great deal of investment. People tend to overlook locations like Italy, but Italy is highly trusted for fashion, leather and other products. Light manufacturing, as well as some heavy manufacturing industries like cars, contribute a great deal to the Italian economy.

The liberal business policies of the Italian government often favor industrial investment, and this has aided the growth of Italy’s light manufacturing industry. This manufacturing industry concentrates on products such as eye wear, leather goods and textiles. The products manufactured in this sector form a major part of Italian exports. Most of the Italy’s light manufacturing industries center around small or medium-sized firms although there are some larger companies too. These industries provide mostly luxury goods for quality niche markets and have a great reputation. Germany, France and Spain are some of the major buyers of these Italian products. Major buyers outside the EU include the US and Japan, but EU countries are the biggest market.

The Italian textile and clothing industries are some of the biggest suppliers of high-quality, textile products. Some people follow these brands like religions, and they are exported to all corners of the world. From casual to designer wear, these products are in demand on the world market.

Italy’s automotive industry too is really famous for its brands to include Fiat, Ferrari, Maserati Lamborghini, and Lancia. These brands are world renowned for being powerful yet stylish. The machine parts for the automotive industry are also a major part of Italy’s manufacturing industry.

Its food processing industry has famous brands to such as Barilla, Parmalat, and Nestle, and these contribute significantly to Italy’s GDP. Chocolate, pasta, sausages, cheese and ham are some of the products whose quality is unmatched in the world. Many of them are in high demand internationally and exported to foreign markets.

This is by no means an exhaustive listing of Italian manufacturing but offers an idea of what Italian industry is about.