Ultimate Guide About Footwear Manufacturing in India

When we talk of industries that have helped in the growth and expansion of the Indian economy, the leather industry is one name that holds the top position. The leather industry is one of the oldest manufacturing industries of India that has provided employment to approximately more than 2.5 million people in the country. Amongst all leather products, footwear manufacturing in India holds a prominent place. The leather industry of India alone generates the maximum revenue from exports. According to statistics, India’s export of leather and leather products alone has generated revenue of US $ 1.5 billion dollars in 1999. In 2003 it had increased to US $ 2.16 billion and in 2004 to was estimated to have gone up to US $ 2.29 billion dollars. Apart from this non leather Indian footwear is also equally saleable with a production of 1056 million pairs of non leather footwear.

The footwear components are also in high demand in the international market with exports going up to almost 179.21 million US $. The footwear industry in India has an immense potential of providing more employment to the unemployed youths as well increasing exports. The best possible utilization of available raw materials, proper planning and providing quality stuff to its customers has made this industry grow in leaps and bounds. The ISF or Indian Shoe Federation is a group of footwear and footwear components’ manufacturers that help in promoting the growth of the Indian footwear industry worldwide. The ISF has always tried to follow practices that are transparent, modern, innovative fast and cost effective to gain maximum output with least wastage.

India is one of the best destinations in the world for investing in leather industry with top priority in footwear components in Pune and Gurgaon. When footwear is assembled, there are various components that are used in its making such as adhesives, cushion, heel, hook, insole, laces, sole, steel shank, chemical finishes and polishes etc. Tamilnadu provides almost 60% of India’s best leather followed by Maharashtra, Delhi and NCR regions and various other states. Therefore you can find prominent footwear associations in Pune, Chennai and Gurgaon. The Indian footwear components manufacturers association (IFCOMA) is the strength behind the manufacturing of footwear components to make the best and most durable quality shoes. It was established with a view to bring all footwear components manufacturers under one platform so that they understand the importance of improving their quality and standards in footwear components. This will help them to grab better opportunities, increase growth potential and increase exports.

IFCOMA is duly recognized by the government and includes members who are connected with the footwear components and accessories manufacturing industry. Most footwear components of Pune and Gurgaon are made following the rules of this organization. The Indian footwear industry is in much demand in the international market and footwear manufacturing in India has created a niche for itself globally with top US and European brands importing leather goods from the Indian market.