How You Can Benefit From the Loss of Manufacturing Jobs in North America

How You Can Benefit From the Loss of Manufacturing Jobs in North America

Why are there less manufacturing jobs in North America now, then several decades ago? Is manufacturing dead in North America? Have we advanced past manufacturing and now live in the glory of a consumer-based progressive society? Perhaps we’re too progressive to physically make things with our hands anymore. North America exports ideas and brands, while the third world now makes the goods.

It’s true that many companies have closed up shop and moved their manufacturing overseas. In this global market, it’s easy for companies to look at their financial statements and chase cheaper labour in emerging markets. But more and more companies are finally realizing the benefits of staying in North America.

In fact, many companies are now coming back to North America to be closer to their customers. This phenomenon has even spawned a new word, “reshoring.” The hassles of dealing with a large supply chain may not always appear on accounting statements, but they make a real impact on the cost of doing business.

Those companies that choose to staying close to their customers, still need to compete with companies relying on cheap labour. Since they cannot compete on labour, they need to be smarter. The benefits of a shorter supply chain are tremendous, but they do need to develop a more intelligent process to maintain their edge. These companies are leaner, smarter and taking advantage of new technologies. They’re used government incentives to retool and replace outdated equipment.

A trained workforce is needed to use these new systems. No more can companies rely on unskilled labour to pound some metal. Manufacturing companies need skilled workers to operate specialized machinery. Pharmaceutical companies need certified technicians, and software companies need trained software engineers.

The demand for low-skilled factory workers may have disappeared, but the demand for highly trained technical people is growing, due to new smarter systems that companies are using to compete globally. Manufacturing is enjoying a comeback with companies aggressively taking back their manufacturing roots.

The companies that are retrenching in North America need people to work for them. And people are currently looking for work. The unemployment rate is stagnant even after government bailouts and multiple quantitative easing of the financial system. The truth is, there are more people than jobs.

In a largely consumer based economy, like the most Western economies now, when people can not afford to buy goods, then companies can’t sell their goods. The cycle feeds itself and it’s nigh impossible to get out of this spiral. People need quality jobs that pay a living wage. Manufacturing jobs are critical to getting out of this loop.

So how can this help you? A motivated individual needs to ensure that their skills are up to date. Training is critical to landing that next job. You need a job and companies need skilled workers. It’s time to take advantage or this synergy. As the baby boomers retire, more and more skilled jobs are opening up. As the economy starts to slowly pick up again, we will see more and more requirements for highly skilled workers. The pool is large, so these companies can be selective. They will only hire the best. Make sure you are the best.

You don’t need to settle for a minimum wage job anymore. If you have the skills, if you have the training, companies will be looking for you. As the US slowly climbs out of the this economic spiral, more jobs will be created. Even those low wage jobs will eventually return. So your neighbours will eventually get their minimum wage jobs, while you take advantage of the demand for highly skilled jobs.